Yeti Trailhead review: No more broken camp chairs

Warm weather is almost over and for Canadians that means camping season is in full effect. For most of the summer, National parks and campgrounds are overloaded with tourists, so the locals wait for the cooler fall weather before venturing off to cram as much fun and relaxation as possible until the snow flies! 

As a big guy, finding something sturdy and durable in a folding camp chair is a challenge. There’s just too many mass produced, low cost and low quality options out there with no attention to design or durability. I’m happy to tell you that Yeti has solved this problem in typical Yeti fashion with the Yeti Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair. It’s over-engineered and indestructible just like their line of coolers, tumblers, pet products and bags with design, rugged durability and ultimate comfort in mind. Check out my review of the Yeti Crossroads 40L Duffel here.

Yeti design and engineering however, doesn’t come cheap! The Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair retails for $300 USD, but this kind of buy-it-for-life rugged durability won’t let you down and neither will Yeti because the chair is backed by a 5 year warranty. You can access claim information available right from their website. 

Yeti’s Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair folds quickly into a zippered, heavy duty canvas carrying bag with convenient backpack straps allowing you to throw it over your shoulder or back for a quick hike to the campsite, concert or picnic at the park. Once you arrive, setup is as easy as pulling down the arms and pressing until you hear them click and pushing down on a handle at the back of the chair to lock everything into place. Breaking it down is as simple as pushing the buttons underneath the armrests to release the locks and pulling up on the handle to bring it all back together for storage in its bag. Having trouble setting up your chair? Yeti thought of that and provided a link with visual instructions to set up your chair.

As previously mentioned, the durability and over-engineering is where this chair really shines. The Trailhead supports a sitting weight of up to 500lbs, thanks to a single piece of its soft but super strong flexgrid fabric that stretches from the back of the chair to the seat as well as thick frame geometry and steel joints with heavy plastic feet to anchor everything down. This is definitely one of the chair’s best features. The back and seat fabric is available in charcoal or blue, dries quickly when wet and the powder-coated frame won’t rust or deteriorate. This is a chair for literally any environment. There’s also a built-in cupholder that swings out from under the chair’s right arm and comfortably holds a Yeti 30oz Tumbler (because of course I checked that?).

Comfort is as you would expect. It’s very reassuring to ease down into a chair with a supported weight of 500lbs. The big steel frame just doesn’t give an inch and with a seat height of just under 17 inches, it’s the perfect height. Even after a few days at the beach with constant use, the Yeti remained comfortable and even managed to get some looks from envious beachgoers passing by.

In this reviewer’s opinion, there’s only two things missing from this chair to make it perfect. I would have liked a little more flexibility in the arms of the chair itself, but I realize that would likely weaken its rugged structure. I also would have preferred another pocket, phone holder or storage area, maybe on the left arm, but this isn’t a dealbreaker. 

Lastly, the Yeti Trailhead Collapsible chair belongs in every beachgoer, concertgoer, Vanlifer or RV’s travel kit and that’s exactly where it is. Ready for its next adventure.

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