Pedego’s Hello Fun Tour is sweeping the nation

Pedego electric bikes is taking their show on the road this summer with the “Hello Fun Tour.” From February 27th till November 20th, Pedego plans to host both Palooza’s and ribbon cutting events across the country. Each local event will encompass different activities including raffles, live music, catered food and group rides for Pedego owners. 

Opening more than 40 new stores across the country in 2021, Pedego’s “Hello Fun Tour” plans to celebrate the expansion of their grassroots company by giving back to the community and store owners. 

Founded in 2008 by Don DiCostanzo, Pedego’s heart for the community is to provide electric bikes that make exercising in the outdoors enjoyable. Pedego stands by their ethos to be the “best brand of electric bikes, not necessarily the largest.” 

The bikes themselves come in 20 different styles and many colors. From city style bikes, to cruisers, to off roading bikes with fat tires, Pedego has a bike for everyone. (They even sell tandem bikes, folding bikes, low step bikes, and a tricycle!) 

To find out where the next closest Pedego event is near you, click here for more information. To find out where your nearest Pedego store is (to test out a bike), click here.