Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a classic hit for your wardrobe

Credit: Chris Anderson

My eyes have always been drawn to Ray-Bans, and the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are no exception.

The first time I wore them was in the middle of a frozen lake in Minnesota. The sun was screaming that day. I stepped out of the ice house but wasn’t phased a bit. These Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses blocked out the bright winter sunlight. I even avoided an ice hole three feet away. These shades gave me a certain kind of confidence. I have grown to love it. 

Growing up, I never owned a pair of nice sunglasses. I always picked gas station shades — if I lose them who cares? We’ve all experienced something along these lines.  

This past Christmas I was able to get my hands on the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Metal model. I immediately fell in love with them. They look incredible. The frames are made of sturdy metal. The lenses are made of glass, not plastic. I felt like I was a celebrity walking around on water (remember, it’s a frozen lake). 

The nose pads are made of a comfy rubber material. I never had to fuss with them, which was nice. The temples (arms) and bridge effortlessly fold into each other. They are accented by a glossy finish on the bottom of the frames as well as the rounded section of the bridge. 

So, how do they actually feel while wearing them? I have to admit, having glasses on my face was unnatural to me since I don’t regularly wear them. I got over the alien on my face very quickly. These glasses help in everyday situations like merging while driving. Even walking out of my house. I didn’t have to fight the burning pain the sun gives you. I can simply walk outside and be on with my day.  

Looking through this particular pair of Ray-Bans isn’t overwhelming or — what you see doesn’t appear oversaturated. The lenses in this pair are “Classic Blue” and simply make visuals a little darker. I noticed just a bit of color enhancement. While wearing these glasses I felt confident driving into the sun. I actually avoided a crash in a tough driving condition. These are rated for any condition. Sunny to cloudy, these will help you!

When I first opened the box, I was disappointed with how the case felt. I was expecting something along the lines of leather but it clearly wasn’t. However, as I opened the case, I was relieved to see velvet lining the inner section to protect my new babies. 

Along with the velvet, I noticed a small microfiber towel to clean off the lenses – which I immediately cleaned because what else do you do in that situation. I was happy to see a golden Ray-Ban emblem printed on the outside of the black case so that everyone can clearly see that I’m special. 

So, let’s talk about the price. At $165 I would say these are not cheap. But, the build quality and the feeling they give me when I put them on make me feel like a new person. Look good – feel good, right?

So who are these for? I would say anyone who appreciates quality items that capture the stylish mood they give off. I would totally recommend Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades to anyone who is in the market for new sunglasses.