Release your stress in as little as ten minutes with the Sensate

For our family, the spring brings lots of extra activities (work travel, planning for special events, etc); especially this spring. My youngest son graduates from high school and is moving into an apartment to start his career in the trades and my husband and I are selling our house. I can hardly believe it. To say that there’s a bit of extra stress is an understatement. A friend knew of the increased stress we are facing and sent me the Sensate ($261) as a tool to help me drown out the noise and stress.

The Sensate uses “infrasonic therapy to help the nervous system recover from daily stresses.” It incorporates both audible and tactile input to help your body calm. I know it sounds strange, but the small device uses sound waves and it pairs with beautiful soundscapes to help your body release the stress you’re feeling. Think of a cat purring on your chest and this is how it feels. The soundtracks incorporate beautiful, soothing music and different sounds like rain, birds, water trickling (like a brook), singing, waves, etc.

I used it for the first time the other day. After downloading the free app on my phone, I put in my earbuds, lay down, placed the Sensate on my chest, and started the 10-minute “Little Sleep” track. Although I wasn’t tired at all, it put me so at ease that I drifted off for a bit! On another day, I queued up the 20-minute “Forest” track and felt like I was taken to the rainforest where I was walking alongside Jesus. I know, I know, that sounds strange. It’s just what I envisioned and it was so therapeutic! At first, I wasn’t so sure about how I would like the vibration, but it actually helped ease the tension in my body. It was quite relaxing. I truly felt less tense and more at ease. After the first few minutes, I didn’t feel my mind wandering or focusing on the stresses in my life; I was just transported to a quiet, soothing place where I could relax.

Sensate claims to improve heart rate variability, calm your nerves by increasing stress resilience, provide longer and deeper sleep sessions, improve your general wellbeing, and reduce the effects of stress without effort or needing to pay for long, expensive sessions with a professional. While I can’t attest to all of these statements, I can tell you that I have felt better after using it. I think the pricetag is a bit high but, compared to what it may cost you to hire a therapist or take medications for sleep, I’d say this is fairly affordable.

Sensate also offers a twice-monthly newsletter, delivered to your email. The newsletter is intended for anyone who is interested in “the science and experience of wellness.” I also watched a review on YouTube by Steven McRae, a Principal Ballet Dancer. He explains how Sensate has helped him but also shows you the product and explains it a bit.

If you’re feeling stressed out from your daily life or what is going on in the world around you, I would suggest trying the Sensate. It’s helped me feel more grounded and centered and it may help you, too.