Roborock Q5+ review: Best battery life in a stellar vacuum

Photo Credit: Roborock

A friend of mine recently spent several hundred dollars on a Roomba that doesn’t map her floor plan. This doesn’t mean she was ripped off. It just means the vacuum isn’t what she hoped for. I often get folks asking what options they should look for in a vacuum. Naturally people also want a sweet deal. The Roborock Q5+ is a fantastic option with incredible batter life (it maps!). It is currently $220 off on Amazon (Black Friday deal). 

When I first pull the Q5+ out of the box, there isn’t anything that stands out. It feels fairly solid, though perhaps a bit light compared to the Roomba J7+ (Black Friday deal here!). To be honest the outside has a very lightweight plastic feel compared to competitors. Considering this is a mid-range model, it wouldn’t surprise me if Roborock saves some money with a less expensive external build. However, as long as the insides get the job done, I’m still going to love this thing. It takes me roughly five minutes to get fully set up. I download the Roborock app to my Android and send it off mapping. 

This little sucker has the best mapping function of the vacuums I’ve tried. The map it creates on my Android is crisp and refined compared to other mapping vacs I’ve tried out recently (Irobot, Yeedi, Dreametech). I can even make a 3D map of my rooms and include furniture etc. to get a better understanding of how well cleaning is going. Roborock attributes this to its “Precision LiDAR”. Sounds fancy, but basically the combination of light and ranging allows for mapping a really accurate layout of my house

I quickly create a routine based on my maps and sure enough the Q5+ cleans on schedule every single time. It stays out of “no go zones” and won’t go past any “virtual walls” I create in the app. It also works flawlessly with Alexa (works with Google too), but I can never recall the keyword to make it clean with my voice. I usually wind-up walking over and pressing the button or using my phone to make it happen on demand. 

The Roborock’s mapping system may be the best I’ve seen, but its battery life is hands down the best I’ve seen. The machine is powered by a 5200 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts much longer than other robot vacuums. The battery can last up to nearly three hours on one charge. This is fantastic for a large floor plan or if I have to move it from my main floor to my basement on the same charge. It also moves quickly through the house but still picks up plenty of dirt. 

Suction isn’t quite as powerful as some other options out there, but everytime I check the bag, I find plenty of debris and cat hair. This is a major plus because I’ve tested other products such as Yeedi vacs that have historically had a tough time emptying pet hair (though I love them for their low profile and quiet run). The vac will even do a cross-thatch pattern on the carpet to ensure a thorough clean. I have the Q5+ running in a carpeted space, and it does a great job, but it does its best work while running on my hardwood floors.

So – how is the maintenance? I’ve never had to get this vacuum “unstuck”. It cruises around the house with ease, avoids places I’ve told it not to go on the map, and I’ve never really touched it. It returns to its base to charge and I barely know it’s there. This is a good thing. There will eventually be some maintenance costs as the bags it empties into will need replacement. The brush seems pretty heavy duty, but usually these wear over time or get hair tangles. I will say this is the least I’ve had to mess with a robot vac in testing because I haven’t had to mess with it. 

The Roborock Q5+ is a hassle free mid-range robot vac that is sure to please any new comer. Do I wish it mopped? Yes, but this historically means additional maintenance. It does what it says it will do which is give your house a quick thorough cleaning hassle free. It’s versatile, has great battery life, and can be hands free with Amazon’s Alexa or Google. Pick one up for yourself on Amazon and enjoy some extra free time in your life!

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