Smart Sketcher Projector is a remote learning dream come true

smart sketcher projector remote learning for kids
Credit: SmART Sketcher

We are in a new reality with a large portion of schools remote learning this school year. The work our kids are doing at home is no longer just a review or further learning on topics; it is now a primary mode of learning for many. We always have the option of educational toys like Smart Buddies “afterschool-in-a-box” or virtual camps, however in these incredibly developmental years, learning how to write is vital.

That’s where the Smart Sketcher Projector comes into play. Using this fun little sketching projector has been fantastic for the last several weeks. We can sketch along with over 50 activities, including letters, pictures, and more. Better yet, we can link to the free companion app on your mobile device and take photos of whatever we want to be able to sketch, and the projector will display that outline allowing for easy tracing.

The possibilities I have envisioned this excellent tool are nearly endless — especially during this COVID season. We have learned how to trace our names, write each other’s names, and other common words. Early reading skills and writing skills have been grown with the pre loaded activity packs. I have already noticed growth in speed and accuracy for my little ones.

I’m sure I am not the only one experiencing resentment and frustration from our kids learning at home. What I love about this projector is that it has brought fun back to learning and practice. We have even gotten into a fantastic routine of sketching fun things, then letters, then names, then fun things again.

This sketcher also has expansion packs that can add in themed pictures, letters, learning activities, and more. However, I find the best expansion pack of all is with the free app where you can project anything!

If you find yourself looking for something educational to do with your little one this COVID season, or in general, look no further than the smART sketcher!