So long Solo Stove? Introducing Breeo Y-Series – unlock the outdoors!

Solo Stove has sat comfortably atop the smokeless fire pit market in name recognition for some time. But Breeo begs a look, and just might topple the status quo. Amongst its other smokeless fire pit options, Breeo’s lineup includes the Breeo Y-Series – a portable smokeless fire pit.

The Breeo Y-Series is a lighter-weight smokeless firepit designed for portability without sacrificing quality and functionality. This means that I can easily carry the Y-Series to the beach, campsite, or even pack it in on a trek to more remote places. Compatible with grilling, cooking, and other accessories, the Y-Series gives me nearly limitless usable options. This makes the Breeo Y-Series one of the most versatile smokeless stoves available!


When the box for my Breeo Y-Series arrives, I’m more than just a little excited. The packaging is crisp with bright Breeo logos artfully displayed. Inside, everything is bundled securely with minimal but sturdy packaging. A nod to Breeo’s emphasis on quality, durability, and functionality.

Set-up is beyond simple. I simply unpackage the Breeo Y-Series and adjust the leg settings. It has two settings one for fires and one for cooking. My kids huddle around me in excitement as I place a few pieces of wood alongside some pinecones and kindling. With just a couple of flicks of the lighter, we have a blazing fire (not to mentioned ecstatic kids). I’m honestly a little shocked at how quickly I have a robust fire even in breezy conditions. I love that the Y-Series has a built-in heat shield which allows me to use it safely on all surfaces without worry of damaging my deck or patio.


Moments after my fire is going, I start attaching the compatible Outpost 19 grilling system. The Outpost rod inserts into an post hole on the Breeo Y-Series and secures in place with the locking mechanism. The grill attaches to the rod with a tightening fastener that easily allows me to adjust the height for temperature perfect grilling. In roughly the same amount of time as it takes to ready my gas grill, I’ve set up the Y-Series, lit a fire, and am ready to grill over an open flame.

I adjust the logs for a more evenly dispersed flame with the Breeo 304 Fire Poker. This fire poker is more like a fire-mastering harpoon, but more on that later! After a few minutes of experimenting and a couple minor height adjustments, I grill a feast of brats, hotdogs, and hamburgers. My kids relish the campfire flavor and we share a memorable evening together. Not bad for a less than 45-minute investment on a Tuesday evening.


The Breeo Y-Series is compact and versatile. The three collapsible legs extend to a comfortable height for cooking or stow completely for packing. Additionally, the Y-Series has a handle built in to its side for easy-carrying and portability. At only 31 pounds, the Breeo Y-Series portability unlocks the entire outdoors.  

Made with 304 stainless steel, the Y-Series brings quality to the next level. It measures a mere 11 inches when stowing the legs, and a burn height of 15 inches and a grilling height of 20 inches. The outside rim is 21 inches, with an interior wall of 17.5 inches. Due to the size, I find I need slightly smaller pieces of wood – which is honestly about the only drawback I’ve experienced. However, functionally the Y-Series has the ability to burn pellets, lump charcoal, or wood. This versatility is matched by its compatibility with the Outpost 19 grilling system.


The Outpost 19 grilling system quickly turns the Y-Series into a portable grill. The high-quality 304 stainless steel is rugged and durable. I love how the grilling system comes with an anchorpoint system giving me the freedom to use the Outpost Grill over a campfire or just about anywhere I want to grill over an open flame.

The hefty and durable 304 Fire Poker is 40 solid steel inches of reach and leverage to manage any fire safely and effectively. The harpoon like end has a chisel point for pushing, a serrated edge for rolling, and a hooked tapered point that gives me serious grip for lifting and adjusting logs. To cap things off the available Y-Series precision-fit lid is designed to protect my Y-Series from the elements. I also love that I can set up some logs, put on the locking lid and know that I have dry wood ready and set for my next outdoor gathering.


Breeo is more than just a fire pit, delivering smokeless and cooking innovation to improve any gathering around the fire. Made in the USA, Breeo features supreme quality, durability, functionality, and versatility. The Y-Series smokeless fire pit unlocks the entire outdoors with its portability. Combined with outstanding accessories like the Outpost 19 grilling system, 304 Fire Poker, and Y-Series Lid – the Y-Series has everything you need for extraordinary fireside experiences.

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