Springtime has me seeing flowers…in my new vase and planters 

Springtime is a special time of year. I love watching the Earth wake up from its long winter slumber. I would say the winter nap is extraordinarily long in my neck of the woods! So when spring finally comes and the flowers, trees, and grasses start blooming, you’ll likely find me grinning from ear to ear. I like to gather my favorite flowers and put them in vases in my home. However, most of my vases are the ones you get when people send you bouquets. While those are fully functional and don’t detract from the beautiful buds, I wanted something that provided a little different aesthetic. I also wanted to get a small planter for my son’s new apartment and perhaps find a little planter for myself that provided a low-maintenance option to keep my plant alive.

I stumbled upon Cribsi’s website and immediately enjoyed its whimsical products. The Petite Textured Porcelain Vase($50) was the first vase to catch my eye. It is beautiful with just a little pattern. I can put my favorite daisy or rose or even a dandelion, picked just for me by my niece or nephew in it and the flower will still be the center of attention. While I really like my petite vase, I would say that, for this frugal feminine, the price tag is a little high.

The Eva Solo Orchid Pot ($95) caught my eye as well. The thing I really appreciate about this planter is that it is self-watering. It comes with a nylon wick that you thread through a hole in the planter. This wick sits in the water well, watering the plant’s roots from the bottom up. I only need to add water to the well once a week. Talk about low maintenance! This is such a help to me! As with the petite vase, I felt the hurt a little in my wallet at the price tag, but I do appreciate the unique look and ease of use with this planter.

Finally, I thought it would be nice to find a small planter for my son’s new apartment. The Concrete Cube Planter ($20 for small) fits the bill! It is small enough that it will fit perfectly in his small abode. I bought the grey and am sure he will love it. It is sleek and modern, exactly what he’s looking for.

If you’re looking to update your vase or planter game, these products from Crisbi can certainly help!

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