STM Goods just went vertical with wireless charging

STM Goods charge tree wireless charger on desk for phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods
Credit: STM Goods

I recently realized that I’ve been charging my everyday Apple products completely wrong. Typically, I charge my iPhone next to my bed, my Apple Watch on my dresser, and my AirPods on my desk. I’m not sure why this has been my routine for so long, but I’m happy to say that it’s no longer the case.

When my STM ChargeTree arrived at my door, I was excited to reimagine the way that I charge my devices. I set it up on my desk and was pleasantly surprised by its unique design.

As wireless charging becomes commonplace, many companies are working hard to create the best charging pad on the market. My iPhone is new enough to support wireless charging, so I have kept an eye on this market for quite some time.

Almost every multiple device wireless charger follows a similar design composed of a large pad for wireless charging of two devices, and an Apple Watch charger of some sort on or next to it. STM Goods is one of the first companies to choose a vertical route for their wireless charger.

This unique vertical design allows the STM ChargeTree to occupy very little space on my desk. The sizeable wireless charger in front is designed for phones and has an output of 10W. With a small lip to hold my phone in place, I can easily set my phone vertically or horizontally, knowing it will charge either way.

Hidden within the silicone lip are three LED lights that indicate whether your devices are charging or not. The charging pads are a bit finicky, meaning that the devices have to be placed correctly on their pads to ensure charging. However, each light is assigned to one of the three charging pads and illuminates when there is a secure connection. 

The angle of the wireless charger is perfect for viewing notifications when they appear on my phone. I can even FaceTime with friends while my phone charges. I also found myself placing my phone horizontally on the charging pad to watch Netflix or YouTube.

The smaller wireless charger in the back is perfect for a set of AirPods or AirPods Pro. The silicone pad prevents my AirPods from sliding off while charging at 5W of power.

On top of the device, an Apple Watch charger hovers over my AirPods. This Apple Watch charger is not MFI-certified, which means that Apple does not approve it. However, this has not been a major problem for me.

Although designed for Apple products, the front and back charging pads on the ChargeTree are also compatible with other Qi devices.

I love how innovative and unique the STM ChargeTree is. Priced at only $80, it is an excellent purchase for those engulfed in the Apple ecosystem like myself.