Sustainable hammocks by Nakie don’t just hang on trees; they plant them

Woman in a hammock in the woods, reading a book

Being able to relax comfortably outside with a good book is my happy place. I can make do with a lawn chair, but I found that lying in a hammock, swinging slightly is much preferable. My kids have taken their hammocks and hidden them away from me (ok, they’re really in their cars or dorm rooms, but it’s more fun for me to tease them about hiding them from me). So, I decided to find a hammock for myself. I wanted to find a hammock that was comfortable, easy to set up, and, if possible, good for the environment. Imagine my surprise when I found a hammock that met all three of those desires! 

Nakie hammocks are made from recycled fabric, promoting sustainable living.  Each hammock is made from 100% recycled materials, including 37 plastic bottles. Additionally, Nakie plants four trees for every hammock sold. Not only that, their double hammocks are durable and come with a lifetime warranty! I chose the sky blue double hammock ($89).  It also came with the straps and carabiners, so I didn’t have to shell out more money like other hammock companies I’ve seen. The double hammock is 10’ x 6” with a weight rating of 500 lbs and only weighs 1.3 lbs making it super easy to grab and go.

If you’re wanting to keep the bugs out, Nakie also provides a bug net and rain tarp combo ($111). Looking for a blanket to use when the fall winds blow? Nakie makes blankets and has a hammock and blanket combo, too. Finally, if you’re looking for hammocks for yourself and your partner, Nakie has couples combos, too (hammock combo, $134 and hammock and blanket combo, $239). You may want to just grab two as I’m sure your partner will be jealous when they see your hammock!
Communication with the company is fantastic, and they even send ‘how-to’ emails. I also really liked their “10 Hammock Camping Mistakes You’re Probably Making” video on YouTube. If you’re looking for a hammock, I highly recommend Nakie!