Tactica Gear just changed the meaning of multi-tool

A man using his Tactica Gear and switching out the multiple options for the tool.
Credit: Tactica Gear

I’ve always been a huge fan of multi-tools. The simplicity of having multiple screwdriver types or drill bits in one place is too convenient for me not to love. Yet one of the things that was frustrating about multi-tools was that I couldn’t bring them on any flights due to the built-in knives. Additionally, since their goal is to be well-rounded, multi-tools rarely include specialized bits.

Then I met Tactica Gear. They created a handful of multi-tools that are too useful to ignore. I picked up the M.250 Hex Drive Toolkit as well as the M100.X Bundle Pack to see if Tactica Gear was as good in person as it appears online.

I was not disappointed — I was blown away.

These tools are TSA Compliant — something I would love to be able to say I have tested… but COVID. Having this feature means that these can easily become the multi-tool of choice for the regular traveler.

A man using his Tactica gear to fix something.
Credit: Tactica Gear

Even if you don’t fly every week, these tools can prove remarkably useful. I have found my Tactica gear to be exactly what I need. I love the ergonomic design, the multitude of bits included, and the ease of throwing these in my pocket, backpack, or desk for ready access.

Now, to dive into the features of two of the sets.

M100.X Bundle Pack

At first glance, it is easy to see that this tool was designed for ease any and everywhere. I love how slim this tool is, it even fits into my skinny jeans’ pocket without adding bulk. I usually utilize the heavy-duty socket first, however, if that isn’t getting the job done, I will switch my bit to the high torque socket.

The other features built into this unit is a package opener — which I get to utilize often, as I get a LOT of packages. There is also a bottle opener, a universal wrench, metric and imperial rulers, and a storage tube that holds a Phillips head #1 and a Flathead #4.

While this gets a lot of work done, I keep the MX.02 Precision 12-piece Toolkit close by for any specialized jobs I have. These bits range from different Phillips heads to Allen wrench bits, flat heads, and a few Torx bits. What blew my mind was that I found a bit that fit my eye-glasses included as well.

This is amazingly versatile. But, even cooler, is that these are all ¼” bits. Meaning that you can swap these bits out if your job calls for multiple types of bits.

M.250 Hex Drive Toolkit

This tool is perfect for anyone who needs several screwdrivers throughout their day — or adventure. I was astonished to find that the bit extender was solid material and worked perfectly. Not only that, but it came in handy a few times when I needed to reach a not-so-easily-accessible screw. At first, when I saw the magnetic storage strip I wasn’t quite sure what I would use it for. But I noticed shortly after that I could store this tool on my desk that had a metal frame, on a fridge, or any other ferrite material. I also found, while building an IKEA shelf, that I could house my next few screws on the magnetic strip.

While the M.250 is my first stop for any screwdriver needs these days, I do love having the M100.X in my bag or car for my on-the-go multi-tool needs.