The pandemic saw us all hunkering down and enjoying some solid months of isolation and to be quite honest, this Editor didn’t mind that one single bit. In fact, I leaned into it! We took advantage of delivery services and Zoom meetings and even canceled our gym memberships and bought a Peloton!

The warmer months were a breeze and we got out when it was appropriate and used the warm weather months to our advantage, but the cold winter months were a little more challenging. This is where Terraflame’s Table Top Fire Bowl would have really come in handy!

Recently, Solo Stove announced the acquisition of Terraflame. A company that seems to fit hand in hand with Solo Stoves product lines. Especially their line of indoor/outdoor fire bowls. Terraflame sent out a Geo Table Top Fire Bowl ($89 USD) for us to check out. Let’s get into it!

Terraflame’s Table Top Fire Bowls come in 5 different shapes and a variety of colorful finishes. The white Geo that I received came in a Terraflame branded box with the concrete fire bowl, decorative stones, an ethanol fuel pot and instructions.

The Geo design measures just over 10.5” in diameter with a height of just over 5”  has nice geometric angles with porous concrete (weighing 15 lbs) that is not completely white but more of a beige color and accents a variety of home decors. The fire bowl itself has a cork bottom that won’t damage sensitive surfaces. The decorative stones surround the ethanol canister and provide a nice decorative finish to the fire bowl.

Throughout the review phase I received a lot of comments on the Terraflame fire bowl. Nearly everyone who saw it commented on how beautiful it was or how it worked. When the Terraflame fire bowl is lit, the ethanol gel fuel crackles and pops just like a real campfire except this one won’t smoke up or stink up the house! The gentle crackles and pops added a wonderfully relaxing ambience to late dinners or cuddle sessions in front of the TV. The generous size and modern design make it a great year round decor piece for a dining room or accent table.

The design and contained ethanol fuel canister ensure that the fire bowl does not get too hot to the touch unlike similar isopropyl alcohol burning fire bowls where the fuel is poured directly into the fire bowl itself.

Terraflame by way of Solo Stove sells their Pure Gel Fuel cans in a 6-pack for $39 USD as well as a citronella version in a 12-pack for $69 USD. The Pure Gel Fuel typically provides a 3 hour total burn time but you can also extinguish the flame by sliding the lid over the lit flame and relight as many times as you wish! While I think it’s possible to burn any brand of gel fuel provided the can fits the opening of the Terraflame bowl, you would definitely not get the crackling ambience or a sootless, odorless, residue free guarantee provided by Terraflame. While I didn’t have any complaints about my experience with the Terraflame Table Top Fire Bowl, a slightly longer burn time would be nice.

The Terraflame Table Top Fire Bowl is a great addition to your home decor, provides great ambience and cozy atmosphere all year. With the holidays fast approaching, this is going to be a must have gift for everyone!

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