The 73’ Originals Hoodie is the closest thing I now own to a winter coat

The ’73 Originals Sandstone hoodie. It is excessively warm, light, and beyond comfortable. What I expected from the looks of this hoodie is that it is just a normal hoodie. It was a heavier hoodie, so I then expected it to be uncomfortable. Man, was I wrong.

When I first put it on, I was in love. This hoodie felt like a bear hugging me. Or like I was giving a small wooly mammoth a piggyback ride. Putting my hands in the front pouch was the same incredibly soft experience. It was by far the warmest hoodie I have ever tried on. I tend not to like heavier hoodies because they are too baggy, but this hoodie is fantastic.

The sturdy stretch ribbed cuffs on the ends of the sleeves and around the waistband are my favorite part. It kept it from being too baggy and heavy. It made for an extremely comfortable and relaxing fit. I am also a huge fan of the knotted drawcord that passes through the hoodie as well.

It is  70% cotton and 30% polyester, which makes for an amazing feel. I got the flu shortly after receiving this hoodie, and it was the first thing I went for. It is incredible to wear around the house, and I wish I could wear this during the winter! This is by far one of the most comfortable hoodies I own.

I tried a medium because I like my sweatshirts a little tighter. I am 6’2, and I feel like this hoodie was tailored just for me. Not only is it comfortable, but I love the quality of this hoodie as well. It has a fantastic split double-needle sewing on all seams.  I don’t see it falling apart on me any time soon.

I love to fish, and I will be absolutely wearing this while fishing or outside whenever I need it. Another thing to note, it is great after washing it. It didn’t shrink or get any fuzzies on the sleeves or anything. I tend to have a hard time with hoodies because they love to get like that.

If you are looking for a quality, heavier hoodie, this is an excellent purchase. At just $45, this hoodie is an absolute steal. They also offer free shipping on all domestic orders, which is great. There aren’t any other colors at the moment, which is a bummer, but the sandstone color is great. I wouldn’t want any heavy hoodie other than this one.