The best “Rest” just got better

A child using his Hatch Rest + sound machine while in bed.
Credit: Hatch

I have a baby girl on the way. So, of course, we started searching for the best gear for this child.

I used the original Hatch Rest sound machine with my first child and loved it. In fact, my wife and I loved it so much that we got the Hatch Restore for ourselves!

So, of course, when we began our search for the sound machine of choice for our baby on the way, we started — and ended — with Hatch. 

Hatch updated their Rest sound machine to the Hatch Rest +.

As technology advances, I expected the same to happen with the update for my kid’s sound machine. I love the updated things in this refresh so much that I have started using this sound machine even before our baby comes.

The updates include Wi-Fi connectivity, an audio monitor, a built-in clock, a backup battery, and it is Alexa controllable. 

While most of the time I control my son’s Rest + from within Bluetooth range, having the ability to control it without needing to let Bluetooth connect, or the need to be within the Bluetooth range, is beneficial.

For the audio monitor, I love the ability to check-in and listen any time I think my boy is awake and crying or needing something.

The clock has actually been one of my most appreciated features. Now, when I am in my son’s room with him at night, I can see what time it is without unlocking the blinding light of my iPhone.

The backup battery provides peace of mind. When we got our original Hatch Rest, we had the power go out once. Our son woke up, had a problem falling back to sleep, and we were in trouble. Now, I don’t need to worry because even if the power goes out, I can still check in on my boy, knowing his sound machine will keep him in a deep sleep.

The Alexa features show hope for further integration to Google or Apple (how I run my smart home). I would love to integrate the scenes on my Hatch Rest + into my smart home shortcuts.

All in all, this sound machine has proven to be the perfect, Swiss Army knife of the baby gear world. I love having all of these features in one device; all working well. I don’t feel like any feature that Hatch has integrated is sub-par. Honestly, each one of these features is good enough to be a stand-alone product, so the ability to have them all in one is a no-brainer.