The headphones that made me ditch my Beats for working out

woman working out using Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 wireless earbud headphones
Credit: Soundcore

I used to run a lot. I would wake up early, grab my Beats headphones, and lace up my shoes.

Although I love my Beats’ sound quality and over-ear style, they just aren’t the best headphones for running. Tangled wires make it pretty hard to focus on my form.  

So I knew I didn’t want a pair of wired headphones, but I’d never had good experiences with earbuds either. Most wireless earbuds I’ve tried fall out after any combination of sweat and movement.

To remedy this, I tried running without any sort of bounce. The looks of worry and confusion I received from passing cars didn’t feel worth it.

Enter the newly released Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 wireless earbuds. These beautifully designed earbuds work better for running than I ever imagined a pair of earbuds could.

Compared to other earbuds, these are surprisingly comfortable. Made of flexible silicone, with comfortable wings that fit into the shape of my ear. While some headphones protrude out, these earbuds stay close to my head. I can now run, lift, and play Wii sports without the worry of them falling out. I also don’t need to constantly adjust them due to sweat discomfort. Best part? No obtrusive wires.

Soundcore did not skimp on audio quality with these little earbuds. For their size, the bass quality is exceptional. This bass, along with balanced mid and treble ranges, create a sound experience I did not expect. After wearing these headphones for several weeks now, I can also say that there is little to no ear fatigue. I am able to use these headphones for hours without my ears hurting or feeling worn out. Because of this, I was able to wear the Spirit Dot 2 headphones and enjoy music and podcasts for hours on end.

Upon unboxing these headphones, I immediately noticed the case. The simple construction is elegant. To open, the top portion slides back rather than flipping open and shut. Each earbud has its own designated space to charge with magnets. Though a certain company has made it popular to have charging cases look a certain way, Soundcore came up with their own design. Rather than the typical tall and skinny design, the Spirit Dot 2 charging cases are shorter and wider. This requires a slight adjustment while carrying in a pocket compared to the AirPod case shape. Personally, I enjoy this shape as it is easier to pull out headphones while the case is sitting on my desk or table. Last but not least, I have truly enjoyed the ability to charge using USB-C with an included USB-C to USB-A cable.

Though I all around enjoyed these headphones, there is one thing I wish I could change. There is a multifunction button on each headphone that you can tap to pause/play. I wish you could have more features with these buttons. I would like to be able to program a double-tap, a tap and hold, etc. to allow for skipping songs, and Siri control. With that being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed these headphones, and all the features I mentioned wishing I could control without pulling out my iPhone is all possible via my Apple Watch anyway.

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