The headphones that made my life easier

I wear a lot of hats. While I mean that both literally and figuratively, in this specific instance I mean it figuratively. I have a lot of roles I play in a few different companies. I run Gearadical, and while running things here, I also have a couple bigger roles at other companies too. Those roles have begun to return to the office.

As I am now used to zoning in with the help of whatever artist, album, or playlist I so choose for that day, I knew I would need quality headphones to make this happen in an office setting. If you have followed Gearadical for any amount of time, you might remember my previous review of some pretty amazing headphones from Anker/Soundcore. We’ve also reviewed a plethora of headphones on the site between all of the writers we have. Regardless, I knew that I would need quality headphones that wouldn’t leave me wishing for my speaker system in my home office.

Audio quality is vital, however not the only deal breaker. I needed a pair of headphones that had great battery life, were comfortable even with all day use, and had noise canceling that actually worked.

I knew Soundcore’s Liberty line was pretty close to what I wanted last time, so I started there… and then ended there. I got my hands on a pair of Soundcore’s Liberty 3 Pro headphones and I have yet to wish to find something else. I have been using these all day every day for over a month now and I am having a hard time finding anything negative to say.

First of all, let’s check out the price. They are only $170. That’s not the price of a premium headphone, yet that is the quality I experience daily.

Next, the quality is fantastic. Better than their previous line. Soundcore utilizes ACAA 2.0 to produce low frequencies without interference. You feel the bass, without loss of quality or volume, or simply saying “ah yes that’s where the bass should be” like I have while trying many headphones in my past. 

These headphones pair with the Soundcore app allowing for a customized equalizer. The companion app will ask you to take the equivalent of a hearing test to check your ears independently. Then, once it has a solid reading, Soundcore will tailor the audio it sends to the buds, allowing for maximum performance for what your ear can hear. For example; if your left ear cannot hear as much bass as your right, Soundcore will not waste the energy to output a signal you won’t recognize, and will rather adjust that power to push out the frequencies you can hear. This app is also the place for you to customize the multitude of touch controls and noise canceling modes.

With all day wearing, comfort is a necessity. In the box, there are 4 different sizes of the ear tips and several different ear wings allowing for each ear to get a customized fit. I have two slightly different sized ears, so this was perfect for me. Now, I can legitimately wear these headphones for 6-8 hours straight a day and have zero ear fatigue, strain, or pain.

Continuing on with all day wearing, I can do this due to the phenomenal Bluetooth connection these headphones have. I always thought (admittedly ignorantly) that the only way to seamlessly transition from one device to another with the same headphones would be with Apple headphones. While that is still the best experience and is so smooth it’s magic, I found a pretty seamless way to do this. At my desk at my office outside of home I work off of a company iMac. At home, on the go, and even on my desk at the office, I work off of an iPad Pro as well, and then I of course have my iPhone. My simple system has been to pair these headphones to my iPad and iPhone at the same time. They are both connected, both with volume up. Now, I can hit play for a Spotify song off of my iPad Pro, and then if I get a call on my iPhone I can switch over with ease, no problem with disconnecting and reconnecting.

If I am working and walking I switch audio output to my iPhone and listen via my iPhone to whatever media it may be. This has worked so beautifully I have yet to try and find another way to do it.

These headphones have truly made my life better. I no longer struggle with switching between headphones, trying to focus while my headphones charge, or fight office noise to get music to help focus.

My Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro headphones are a staple to my workday and I cannot imagine being half as productive and seamless as I am without these.