The Logitech G733 gaming headset demands to be seen – does it demand to be heard?

A woman wearing her Logitech G733 gaming headset in a room that is completely blue (even the chair, desk, and computer).
Credit: Logitech

When I first opened up the new Logitech G733 headset, I had to chuckle. Wow, they are swaggy. A bright blue headset with a sea-green headband does not feel like my style. That isn’t to say they’re ugly by any standard; in fact, quite the opposite. They catch the eye like no other headset I’ve seen to date. I just tend to opt for sleek and simple colors like white or black. Yet, here I am wearing these (for 4 hours straight now), and as I’ve glanced at myself in the mirror, I keep thinking, “these look awesome”. The fact that they are wireless only enhances their appeal in my book. 

The fit of the G733’s is also something to brag about. I have tried several other headsets from Turtle Beach for Xbox gaming to their PC-based company Roccat for PC gaming, and the Logitech G733’s win the comfort factor hands down. I love the way they feel, and though I feel I can get better sound out of some headsets, they don’t feel like the G733’s do. They are deceptively light, and the sound is much bigger than expected from such a lightweight headset. The comfort band that goes across the top is what contributes to the comfort here. I also found it fun to switch up the colors on the band as they are customizable if you choose to purchase and accessorize your headset a bit more. 

I found the sound quality overall to be a bit lacking initially until I enabled the surround option in the downloadable G Hub software. Once I enabled that option, I found the biggest sound improvement in the bass, but overall they sounded simply more full. The G Hub software allows me to adjust volumes in any surround channel on the fly, but I doubt I will use it much. I much prefer the headset to some others I have tested for comfort, but the ease of use with the software is another story that I’ll touch on later. 

Connecting the device to my PC was a breeze. Anyone who knows their way around a PC and connectivity won’t have an issue. Logitech includes a dongle that must be plugged in to connect wirelessly, separating these headphones from other Logitech devices that allow for both Bluetooth and dongle-connected options. For example, I purchased the Zone Wireless headphones (a headset designed for the workplace) that includes a dongle but also connects to Bluetooth. This feature allows me to switch between my work, cell phone, and PC at will. I wish Logitech could have included this feature in this otherwise well-designed set, but this is a headset for gamers, not necessarily for professional workplace use, and kudos to Logitech for knowing their audience.  

The headset comes with a detachable microphone, and the sound quality from the mic is impressive. The software comes with some different presets and uses “Blue Vo!ce” filters to help those interested in streaming sessions choose the best option for presentation. However, I had trouble getting many of the presets to do anything due to the clunkiness of the G Hub software. 

In fact, the biggest downside of the G733 headset is the software, and this frustrates me. I found myself trying to enable certain vocal presets only to discover them greyed out or non-functional. Nothing an update can’t fix. I just hope they continue to improve the software as it seems very robust. I also found the headset can get a tad warm while wearing for lengthy periods, but there are sets out there that are much warmer. 

All in all, I enjoy using the Logitech G733 Headset. They appeal to the eye with colorful design options (black, white, lilac, and blue), battery life is outstanding, they sound really good, and they are the most comfortable set I’ve tried to date. The comfortability alone is enough to give these a look if you are someone who enjoys long sessions. Unfortunately, these can only be used on PC due to the proprietary dongle included. If you are looking for a really decent headset for PC, you won’t be let down. Happy gaming!