The MEATER Plus review: A perfect cook every single time

Credit: Meater

Whether grilling, smoking, or baking, we want our meat the way we want it. Anything different can literally ruin a meal or even make someone sick. Temps are critical to the cook, and the original MEATER sought to give the most accurate readings. It released a few years back to rave reviews and great hype. Now, there’s an upgrade in the MEATER Plus, and things have only gotten better.

Unboxing the device does not reveal anything spectacular. The wireless thermometer comes in a simple box. I like it this way, and I don’t always need fancy schmancy package designs to try to impress me. I care about what is inside and if it does its job. The Plus model comes in a charging block much like the first edition, but the true difference comes in the range.

In fact, range is the biggest reason the MEATER Plus appeals to me. The first thermometer only has a range of ~33 feet. This simply does not appeal to me or my needs, particularly when I’m outdoors. I tend to smoke a lot more than I grill lately. Steaks still hit the grill, but smoked chicken and tri-tip roast are officially the new family favorites. If you haven’t tried a great seasoned and smoked tri-tip just know you are missing out on insane mouth-watering deliciousness. The MEATER Plus helps me monitor the temps of these meats with up to ~165 foot range. What a difference.

Sure, my smoker has a probe, and perhaps the newest smokers make the MEATER Plus a bit unnecessary assuming they have a good wi-fi connection. My Pit Boss often struggles to connect to wi-fi (though an update has turned this around) so the long range MEATER Plus is a welcome friend. My grill and oven are happy too. The thermometer works in all of these devices, and it makes cooking and monitoring food a unique and fun experience. This all happens within the well-designed app.

The app helps me monitor the device temps for perfectly cooked meat – every single cook. I can set alarms to go off when the meat is nearing its final temp, and it even recommends the final temps to cook to, based on the type of meat I cook. It tells me my current temp, the ambient temp in the smoker, grill, etc. and even the estimated time remaining. Oh, and I almost forgot, I can connect this sucker to Amazon’s Alexa too for alerts and real time tracking. The best part of it all though is the accuracy of the probe.

Again, the probe is completely wireless and contains dual temperature sensors (hence allowing internal and ambient temp readings). MEATER warns to always insert the probe to a divot on the probe to ensure it cannot be damaged. My tests show the accuracy of the probe temperature to be within +- 1 degree. That’s it. This device is making BBQ fun again, and perfect temps make for perfect food.


The MEATER Plus is a simple design, high tech probe that assists in delivering perfect meat every time I cook. In my family, this means a lot. We’re picky about how well-done (or rather medium-rare) our food is, and we struggle to settle for anything less than perfect. The fact that I can monitor my food regardless of where it is being cooked makes all the difference to me. I can finally toss my wired probe and rest assured MEATER Plus has my back. What a fantastic product.

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