The MIA McKinley Stiletto Booties are like the perfect relationship

A woman wearing her bright red MIA McKinley Stiletto Booties.
Credit: MIA

Don’t. Mess. With. Me. That’s the bold energy that the MIA McKinley Stiletto Booties promote.

As a young female professional, I’m always high on heels but sometimes I can be low on confidence. These McKinley Stiletto Booties are the remedy.

Some people make walking in heels look easy. These booties will make you one of those people. They boast stability and comfort without skimping on appearances. Basically, they’re the perfect relationship.

So step into my love affair…these booties have carried me through the streets of Chicago when I’m hustling through the workweek, but they’re also what I throw on with my joggers when I’m feeling slouchy-chic. My feet never get sore when I’m wearing these booties, even after a long day of lawyering. I find myself reaching for these instead of the black stiletto heels that I used to wear before autumn gave me an excuse to put these on almost every day.

The McKinley Stiletto Booties don’t have zippers, so BOOM. They level up my outfit in one swift step. When you’re rushing to breakfast after a night out with friends and you’re feeling around for a shoe to pair with your oversized t-shirt…WEAR THE BOOTS.

*Deep breath.* It doesn’t matter how many calf-raises I do or how many miles I run. I wasn’t born with the “skinny” ankles. These boots are the perfect workaround…or walk around…for me. They’re taller than the average bootie so they hide my “non-skinny” ankles perfectly. The flexible fabric hugs my ankles and doesn’t let go just because they’ve become familiar. Yep, I know. Perfect relationship.

I bought these boots on the same day I purchased the Jessica Simpson Briyanne Snake Print Boots. While the Jessica Simpson’s rock a cool snakeskin pattern, they took longer to get comfortable. For the first couple of weeks, they dug into the side of my ankle. Pain is beauty and I wanted to give them a fair chance to woo me with their charm, so I stuck with them for a couple of wears. They eventually came around and we’ve developed a beautiful friendship. They don’t hug my ankle as much as the McKinley Stiletto Booties, but they’re good to pair with black jeans or black leggings. I don’t usually wear my McKinley Stilettos when I’m wearing black pants because I like to dress like my ding dong ditching days are behind me, even if they aren’t.

Both booties fit true to size. I’m usually size 8.5 and I purchased size 8.5 in both booties. I like to wear a thinner sock, so if you like wearing thicker socks with your boots, you should size up a half of a size.

The McKinley Stiletto Booties are everything that the Jessica Simpson’s are not. The McKinley Stiletto Booties didn’t require a breaking in period. We hit it off on the first date and by our second date, I knew I had found the ones.

Maybe they‘ll stand by me…or be stood in by me, through the dead of fall and the cold of winter. Or maybe they’ll fall apart and become beyond repair. Luckily, just like we all found out when we were dumped by our first boyfriend, some things can be replaced.