The MODA ONE is the fanciest hairdryer I have ever seen. Here’s why

The Moda One blow dryer laying on a blanket with some roses and a book.
Credit: Tineco

I am not one to care much about my physical appearance. All who know me would likely be a bit surprised to see me with any sort of hairstyle other than just having it down. Regardless, I do take care of my hair and perhaps I do obsess a bit about its health. And anyone who understands hair health will know how valuable the moments after washing it can be (especially if you don’t have straight hair). That is why when I got the chance to try the MODA ONE hair dryer I was quite excited to see how it worked.

The features

The Moda One is the most deluxe hair dryer I have had a chance to use. It has many features that I have never seen on a typical dryer. 

First, it has a feature called the iLoop. This is a light at the end of the Moda One that will signal the moisture content of the hair. If the hair has a lower moisture content, the light shines blue whereas if it has high moisture the light shines red. I enjoyed this extra guidance as it ensures that my hair is dried in a manner that keeps it healthy.

The Moda One also has unique magnetized heads that can easily rotate completely around. This feature was fascinating for me, and it was easy to switch each head out.

The Moda One also has an app that it can connect with. This app boasts many great additions to your hair routine. You can customize your hair routine to whatever works best for you. It also has a pet mode and a kid mode where it stays at a comfortable temperature for either a pet or child.

Without the app, it has an “auto” button and a “cool” button. If you don’t want any heat on your hair or perhaps just want a simpler hair drying experience, you can utilize the “cool” button. This is something that I typically use on any hair dryer because my hair can be very reactive to heat. The “auto” button is a bit more complex. It enables the iLoop because this blow dryer will utilize the moisture sensors to adjust the heat and airflow. I used this feature a couple of times and appreciated it.

Another discovery, to my pleasant surprise, the dryer slows down when no moisture is detected. I figured out this quality when I moved the dryer far away from my hair and it immediately quieted. This is great, in my opinion, because if there was some sort of emergency or incident that came up while I was drying my hair (maybe even a family member calling for me) I don’t have to anxiously adjust the dryer while also responding to whatever situation managed to pull me away from drying my hair.

The luxuries

I found many ways to appreciate the Moda One.

To start, I began to get compliments on my hair after using this hairdryer. As I’ve mentioned, I air dry my hair, but using the Moda One certainly gave my hair some volume. With my sort of curly or maybe wavy hair (depending on the mood apparently) I worry about dehydrating it, but with these features, I feel like I won’t damage it as I use it.

Call me paranoid, but I constantly worry about burning my hair since my sister burnt hers while blow-drying it as a kid. I watched in awe as a sizable chunk of her red hair turned into a smoking, charred, black clump that fell tragically to the floor. Yup, that was a scarring experience for my child self.  With the Moda One, I feel like I was able to blow dry my hair without obsessing about burning it off. The lights and sensors guided me on when I needed to give my hair some space and when I could utilize the dryer again.

The downsides

Although this hair dryer was pretty great, there were definitely some things that I did not enjoy about it. The biggest con that I experienced was that I actually could not access the app. This was very disappointing of course. I was looking forward to trying the pet mode out with my dog, but I discovered that it only connects through 2.4 G WiFi and will not work with my 5G WiFi.

I also did not appreciate the magnetized heads. Although convenient for switching uses (and also fun to put on and take off) I did not like the concept when it ultimately came to using the dryer. Especially with the diffuser head, I found that the magnets were not strong enough to be stable as I used with my hair. This actually did get me worried that a sizable chunk of my hair might get stuck in the Moda One as I diffused my hair. I worried that due to this I could, in fact, burn my hair. Obviously, as I’ve mentioned, this is a terrifying prospect for me and I did not like using the diffuser due to this. Luckily, the other heads don’t require as strong of an attachment since they’re not meant for direct contact with the hair. This was disappointing to me, though, because I have curlier hair and I would normally use a diffuser.

In the end, although the Moda One is quite luxurious, it is not fancy enough for me to pay $299 and purchase it. I would personally settle with a much cheaper hairdryer with fewer bells and whistles. Although the Moda One makes for a great experience.