The new Google Pixel Buds might be more aware of my surroundings than I am

girl using wireless Google Pixel buds while working out
Credit: Google

For the longest time, I wasn’t a fan of wireless earbuds. The biggest question for me: will they stay in place when I go running? 

I’ve tried many different earbuds when I go three to five miles on the trail. Many of the buds I try (including regular wired earbuds) start falling out as soon as I start sweating. I know, not the prettiest picture. However, the Google Pixel Buds have a unique piece that helps them stay in your ear. This piece, called the stabilizer arc, is super important for keeping the buds stable so they won’t fall out. 

Funny story: When I first tested the Google Pixel Buds, I went on a run to the lake and near the park by my house. But I didn’t secure the earbuds in my ear correctly, so it constantly felt like they were falling out. Every time I touched the earbuds (trying to fix the problem) I would accidentally pause my music or skip to the next song. However, when someone taught me how the buds can stick in my ear (haha), I realized I can actually use them for workouts, walking, and jogging without them falling off. 

I really like the variety of controls programmed into the Pixel Buds. One tap with your finger will play or pause your music or answer a phone call. If you tap twice, you can skip to the next song. Three taps bring you to the previous track. You can even swipe forward or backward to raise or lower the volume. Not many wireless earbuds include all of these controls directly on the buds. 

Google added a nice technology that tells the Pixel Buds when to raise or lower the volume automatically, depending on how loud or quiet your surroundings are. I didn’t notice this feature until I used the Pixel Buds when my family entered the kitchen and started talking loudly. The volume of the buds raised just slightly to accommodate. The Pixel Buds acted faster than I could. 

It was really easy to connect the Google Pixel Buds to my phone. I just turned on Bluetooth and selected the pairing notification. The earbuds hold 24-hours worth of charge as long as you store them in the case, and last five hours when removed from the case. 

Since figuring out how the stabilizer arc works, I’m reaching for my Pixel Buds by Google. They stay put in my ears and the volume adjusts to my surroundings. For many other earbuds, that’s one tune that’s hard to beat.