The OttLite Self-sanitizing Lamp is the lamp of all trades

The OttLite lamp on a desk and lit over an iPad and iPhone
Credit: OttLite

What is so special about lamps? Can they be more useful than simply providing light? Well, the answer is yes, they can do more!

What is special about the OttLite lamp?

There are many features on the OttLite lamp that I find riveting. The OttLite lamp itself has three modes. The first mode has LED lights which help to sanitize the desk. I turn this setting on when I am not currently at the desk. This helps keep the environment germ free when I come back to it!

The second mode is my favorite! It has natural light mixed with the LED light. This means it sanitizes while providing comfortable lighting for me to use. This aspect of the OttLite lamp was overall the most convenient for me since I often sit at my desk, but still want a clean environment.

The last mode is the natural light only. I use this setting when I put on makeup and don’t want LED light on my face. I also use it when I don’t worry about having the space clean.

Each mode has three levels of brightness which is especially handy. At night, I turn it on at the highest level of brightness so I don’t strain my eyes and the lower brightness level during the daytime. The flexibility of the different levels allows me to adjust to the room’s lighting.

This lamp also has a phone charger! I enjoy this part of the OttLite lamp very much. All I have to do is set my phone in the slot on the lamp and let it sit there. Easy right? No cords in my way, and a fully juiced-up phone after I finish my tasks. The phone faces me so anytime I get a notification I see it. 

The OttLite lamp has a flexible neck. This makes it easy for me to adjust the lamp directly where I need it. When my desk is covered with papers that I need lit, I put the OttLite lamp up high. When I am reading a book and need concentrated light, I push it down to keep it focused on the pages.

The OttLite has a clean and slim look that fits right on my desk without any issues. For a person who has a cluttered desk, I don’t have to try and fit it amongst the mess that is my desk.

How it works

The OttLite lamp is pretty straightforward. It comes with a small guide that shows where each feature is and what it does. 

The part of the OttLite lamp that requires guidance is the modes and levels of brightness. In order to switch the modes on the lamp, hold down the power button located in the front of the lamp for three seconds. However, to switch the levels of light tap lightly on the power button. 

Why buy it?

For anyone, who works at their desk or spends tons of time at the one, it is a good investment of $115 dollars. Not only did I find it to be useful in many ways, but also it gave me the safety and assurance of a sanitized desk during a time when having a clean environment is important.

Everybody puts up with basic lamps, but with the OttLite lamp, there is a wide array of light settings that allow you to tailor the lighting to your specific needs. If you want a product that provides multiple light variations, flexibility, and the added bonus of whole-desk sanitizing capabilities, then the OttLite lamp is the best choice for you.