The perfect at-home fitness solution

A man using his Terra-Core workout equipment in order to exercise and stay in shape.
Credit: Terra-Core

Ever since I took my first workout class in high school, I’ve been interested in fitness and exercise.  I’ve lifted weights as a hobby throughout high school and college, and I’ve always enjoyed working out.  I used to think that I had to leave the house and/or pay a hefty gym membership to stay in shape.  However, especially with the pandemic, it’s become a lot more difficult and inconvenient to travel to a public gym.  Gyms can be risky, and with many people working at home, it can be extremely inconvenient to leave the house to spend 30-60 minutes at an over-priced gym.  Some people can have gym equipment at home, but it’s costly, and who has the room to store a treadmill, weight rack, and dumbbell sets?  Plus, how difficult can it be to stay in shape at home without accountability and good equipment?

If you’re looking to get in shape, or stay in shape, look no further than the Terra-Core.  This piece of equipment will get you in good cardiovascular shape and improve your balance, burn fat, increase agility, and add muscle.  What more could you want in an at-home workout product?

Instead of spending hours of time and frustration planning workouts and driving to an expensive, unclean gym, the Terra-Core provides a way to get in great shape without leaving your house.  A two-sided piece of equipment, the Terra-Core has an inflated side and a flat side, resulting in the ability to perform a wide array of different balance, endurance, and strength exercises.  Also, there are photo and video examples of how to do each exercise, so it’s extremely easy to learn each exercise!

As soon as I got my Terra-Core, I immediately downloaded their free app, which comes with a ton of different ready-made workouts.  Looking to burn fat?  There’s a 15-minute workout for that. Are you looking to increase upper-body muscle?  There’s a workout for that. Were you looking to improve your cardiovascular endurance?  There’s a workout for that too.  The Terra-Core helps you tackle many different fitness goals with these ready-made workouts.  

One of the best parts of working out can be the community you’re with.  If you’re working out from home, there’s no one around to keep you accountable.  The Terra-Core app addresses this problem and allows you to maintain that accountability.  You create a personal profile that tracks your workout and progress and places you amongst leaderboards in which members can challenge and keep each other accountable.  This area needs a little improvement overall, but it’s a great start that I expect will continue to become more useful.

Are you a beginner looking to improve your overall health and physical condition?  Then this product is also for you!  I was struck by how convenient the app makes it to understand each exercise and how much this one product can improve your health.  All you need to do is purchase some small dumbbells, and you’ll be off to the races!

Another major perk is the price and how much money you save using this product.  My gym’s monthly membership is around $50, which is crazy!  $50 for one month is insane when considering I can get a good workout at home in less time with the Terra-Core.  This product more than pays for itself by avoiding a costly gym membership.

Overall, whether you’re a fitness guru affected by the pandemic or someone looking to jump-start their fitness, look no further than the Terra-Core.  This investment will pay dividends in your quest to get in shape and stay in shape.