The Roccat Kone Pro Air offers a near-flawless gaming experience

Someone using their One Pro Air gaming mouse from Roccat while it lights up a beautiful green and blue with its RGB lighting.
Credit: Roccat

Roccat’s latest take on gaming mice comes in the form of the Kone Pro Air, a wireless wonder “14 years in the making”. With a long list of mice to choose from in today’s gaming world, I’ll give you the heads-up on what’s great and what’s not on this peripheral. Here’s a bit of foreshadowing – it’s hard not to love this little beast. 

I’ll start with why the design is awesome. The Kone Pro Air fits in the hand with flawless precision. The mouse weighs in at a mere 75 grams (2.54 ounces), heavier than honeycomb designs but lighter than many standard mice. I find the balance in weight to be a sweet spot for gaming. My thumb sits perfectly in the ergonomically designed indentation, allowing easy access to the extra buttons on the side. The slick bionic shell feels cool to the touch, and the Titan optical switch buttons have a great feel. The actuation feels spot-on, allowing great versatility for gaming and tasks alike.

Roccat moved the RGB lighting to the top of the mouse beneath the index and middle fingers. I think this was a wise move. Other Roccat mice display RGB lighting beneath the palm, but my hand always covers it up. Now I can see the lighting beneath my fingers. The view is minimal but improved. 

The Kone Pro Air features just about everything you could ask for. However, there is one key feature I miss (Patience – I’ll get to it). The mouse supports both a 2.4GHz connection through the included dongle and also offers a Bluetooth connection option. I use the dongle, but a switch on the bottom can toggle between them for those who prefer Bluetooth. The mouse can house the dongle when it is not in use in a built-in slot on the bottom as well. The proprietary sensor can reach up to 19,000 DPI, though I have yet to meet anyone who uses that speed. I tend to keep it between 3500 to 5000 DPI. Battery life is phenomenal as I have only charged the mouse once after over a week’s use with the included (USB C) cable. 

So much is included, but the Kone Pro Air lacks a physical DPI toggle button. I find this annoying, as I prefer to switch it up on the fly during certain games, particular FPS. Not to worry, though, Roccat’s Swarm software is well-designed, user-friendly, and allows for a host of customization options from RGB to button customization. 

Playing games using the Kone Pro Air is pure joy for me. It is just so darn comfortable to use, and the design ensures my wrist doesn’t tire easily. This mid-weight mouse is sure to delight gamers across the gamut of playstyles and gaming genres. I get the feeling  I’ll be using this one for years to come. 

I’ll just say it. The Roccat Kone Pro Air is exceedingly good. The lack of a DPI button irks me but is forgivable as Roccat improves and updates its Swarm software, allowing for digital adjustments. One additional hindrance for some may be the price. Some may instantly throw up walls against this device as it will set you back $130. If cost is of no consequence, snag this middleweight monster and enjoy the ride. Happy gaming!