The space gray OWC USB-C Travel Dock of power: compact and compatible

OWC USB-C travel dock
Credit: OWC

As a professional in my field, both travel and conducting presentations are a regular part of the job. Thus, I am continually searching for ways to pair down my “traveling companions.” 

My computer is a must-have; however, with a new MacBook Air, I have found that the accessories I used with my old MacBook are now obsolete. So the search began for an affordable travel dock. 

I needed it to allow me to connect to the plethora of audio-visual equipment I encounter, but also be compact enough to fulfill my space constraints for traveling.  

Enter the OWC USB-C Travel Dock ($54.99). This little space-gray box of power impressed me from the moment I plugged it in. 

This USB-C travel dock has five ports for connectivity: two USB ports, an HDMI port, USB-C charging port, and an SD card reader. Add to this that it is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 notebooks (e.g., MacBook Pro), tablets, and all major operating systems, and this USB-C dock checks off all my boxes. Additionally, the USB-C cable tucks away neatly to keep it compact when I throw it in my backpack. 

Since I travel so much, having charging options helps keep me working even when I can’t find a charging station. If I can’t find a power outlet, the USB-C Travel Dock can charge my devices. While I haven’t been traveling much since the pandemic hit, I did try using it to charge my iPad and iPhone when I couldn’t find an open outlet at my parents’ house. I was pleased to discover that it charged them faster than my old travel dock.

One thing I especially appreciated was the OWC Dock Ejector software. This allows the docking station to safely disconnect drives with a single click. Before disconnecting, the software makes sure that all data is saved, so you don’t lose what you’re working on (so helpful!). 

All in all, I like the ease of use with this travel dock, it’s portability, and the dock ejector software. I have happily added it to my travel necessities — even though I’m not currently traveling for work.