The Timbuk2 Lane Commuter is the lane I want to be in

Credit: Timbuk2

“Your backpack has a raincoat?”

Yes, it actually does.

I’ve always been a backpack guy. I bring one almost everywhere I go — I like to be prepared. Because of this, I carry a lot of things with me. As a techie, most of these “things” I carry with me are gadgets. So, when I found the Timbuk2 Lane Commuter Backpack, I was astounded. Finally, a company that understands me!

I usually carry a lot of gear, but I don’t want everyone to know that. Most bags I have found that fit my gear have been big and saggy. They don’t keep their shape, or they have too many pockets, or not enough pockets. The Lane Commuter is different. It’s slim, yet still has enough storage for what I need. Since it is smaller than the backpack I was using before I got this bag, I had to downsize my everyday carry items. I realized it wasn’t vital for me to carry two iPads, or three charging bricks for my devices.

However, after discussing with friends and really thinking about it, I realized it’s good for me. No one needs this much gear. No, I will not need that cable from eight years ago I used once. I probably also won’t need four (yes, seriously) portable chargers at all times.

This Timbuk2 bag allows me to carry what I need in a slimline package. There are two water bottle pockets, a sleeve for up to a 15-inch laptop (accessible from the main compartment or a side zip), one main compartment, and three pockets on the front. At first, I questioned the purpose of being able to access the laptop sleeve from multiple angles.  After using this bag for a week, I get it. Gone are the days of having to unzip every pocket and compartment to access the essentials. I can open the main compartment and get right to work.

“Your backpack has a raincoat?” is an actual question my wife asked when I first opened the bag. While the entire bag is water-resistant (as all good tech bags should be), Timbuk2 steps it up a level. Hidden in a zipped compartment under the backpack is an “ultra water-resistant drop liner”. My wife was spot on. My backpack now has a raincoat. Whether I use it two times or two hundred times, knowing I have it is something I do not take lightly. I will take it dryly, though.

Regarding safety on my adventures: The entire bottom of the backpack is made of a highly reflective material. When I tested its reflective abilities with a flashlight and saw the bright light, I thought I had died for a minute. The bright light, the tunnel….it worked great.

When it comes to easy access, this backpack has certainly raised the bar. The two largest of the three front pockets use easy access magnets to keep things tight and secure. I don’t need to worry about losing anything, yet it’s still quick enough for a one-handed grab and go.

I have always been a backpack guy. Thus, I have gone through a lot of backpacks in search of the best one I could find. Now, I can honestly say I don’t see myself searching for a different backpack anymore — I think I’ve found the best one. I’m also towing a lot less.

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