The WESN Microblade 2.0 proves that size doesn’t matter

WESN has quickly become a favorite in the EDC, premium knife market with very successful initial kickstarter campaigns like the Allman. See our review for the gorgeous Allman Titanium here.

Not one to rest on its laurels, WESN has continuously turned out some beautiful products with a major emphasis on gorgeous materials, smart indestructible design and great marketing. The WESN Microblade 2.0 is no exception.

My WESN Microblade 2.0 arrived in true WESN fashion. A fully recyclable sturdy brown craft paper box with the company’s branding. Inside was my Microblade 2.0 nestled amongst some wood/paper shaving and wrapped up in its branded cloth drawstring bag along with a sticker and some micro paperwork.

I was unprepared for just how small the Microblade 2.0 is. But in my opinion, calling it a keychain knife doesn’t totally encapsulate what the Microblade 2.0 is all about.  Weighing in at 1oz with a closed length of 2.25”, it looks similar to the Allman without the Allman’s tapered edges and exposed spine jimping. At an open length of 3.75” it’s just a hair under the Allman’s closed length.

It’s not difficult to appreciate the incredible attention to detail and precision that has gone into the Microblade 2.0. Just turning it over in your hand and feeling the oddly soft, finished grade 5 titanium body is very satisfying. The ceramic roller bearing pivot that makes up the flipper mechanism is more than capable but the flip action to deploy the blade took me a few tries to get the blade to framelock in one motion. A little household oil made things much smoother. This has nothing to do with WESN or the mechanics of the Microblade 2.0, it is simply due to my massive mitts and the Microblade’s small but mighty size.

The blade is composed of high carbon, high chromium D2 tool-grade steel. This means that the Microblade 2.0 is down for whatever you can throw at it and is essentially your newest heirloom knife. Because it is built for the long haul and your children’s long haul and your grandchildren’s long haul. WESN’s warranty backs this up as well. It’s for life. Just don’t be an idiot and lose it!

This is a good time to mention that WESN offers an adorable Microblade sheath. This is currently sold out on WESN’s own site but can be found through the Amazon link.

Going about my day with the Microblade 2.0 is a breeze. Due to its size, I have to actually remember that it’s in my pocket and I’ve gotten more than a few comments and envious glances whenever I’ve used it with people around. Because my job is work-from-home, the majority of tasks I throw at the Microblade 2.0 are things like breaking down boxes for recycling, opening dog food bags for our pets, trimming tomato plants in our garden and opening packages. But I’ve also used the Microblade 2.0 to create wood shavings to start a fire and cut down some vines along the fence on our property. The thick blade makes it very versatile and the size is super convenient. It has prevented me from having to grab my beloved Leatherman Wave on more than one occasion.

With a variety of color options and styles, you can find one that fits your favorite person and if you ask me, the Microblade 2.0 is a perfect gift for the holidays, groomsmen, or just because! Don’t sleep on it though because WESN’s site has limited stock and time is running out!

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