The Yeedi K700 2-in-1 Robot vacuum and mop should make you think twice about buying a Roomba

Yeedi robot vacuum and mop
Credit: Yeedi

My family has two fluffy cats and three boys. During the summer we live at our lake cabin which provides an endless supply of sand tracked into my home. Combined with cat hair, we could spend each morning with a broom in hand. When the opportunity arose to review the Yeedi K700 robot 2-in-1 (vacuum and mop) I eagerly accepted. We keep our floors cleaner than most people, and I will accept help in any shape it comes! 

I’m not a stranger to robot vacuums. My Roomba has lived a good, long life. I love my Roomba and, for a long while, thought there could be nothing better. I even frowned upon my friends who own knock-off versions. After adopting the Yeedi I am changing my tune. I love this vacuum for several reasons. 

First, it has side spinning brushes on each side as opposed to just one side like some Roomba models. These dual side spinning brushes make the vacuum more effective as it reaches a wider diameter when it cleans. 

Second, the Yeedi is SO much quieter. The motor runs smoothly with a quiet hum instead of the very loud, lawnmower type sound of the Roomba. I can run the Yeedi during nap time. Need I say more? 

Third, the Yeedi runs more slowly. While one could see this as a downside, I like it. The slower speed allows it to pick up more crumbs on the first swipe. Also, the Yeedi doesn’t run into things at a fast speed, thus the Yeedi itself doesn’t look like it’s been through a battle. Our Roomba is pretty scratched from running into things at a fast speed. Fourth, the brush design on the Yeedi allows it to pull up animal hair and trap it in the reservoir without completely filling up the brushes. With the Roomba, I am frequently pulling animal hair out of the brushes otherwise they are useless. 

I had low expectations for the mop feature. Again, I probably had lower expectations than most because I (admittedly my wife) like my floors REALLY clean. She scrubs on her hands and knees each week. I vacuum almost daily. I purchased a robot mop a few years back, and I returned it unopened because I didn’t even think it was worth my time. I tried the mop feature expecting very little. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I had dirty, sandy footprints on my floor when I tried the Yeedi mop feature, and the Yeedi delivered. It will methodically mop in lines across your room, but furniture throws it off, breaking the pattern. That didn’t matter in the end because as it moved around the room it did a stand-up job of cleaning my floor.

I’m not saying it’s some kind of deep clean. I AM saying it will leave your floor acceptably clean by most people’s standards. Do I turn this mop on mid-week as I head out the door to take kids to soccer practice? You better believe it. Do I return home to floors without dirt and footprints? YES!  

The real surprise with the Yeedi is this: It sweeps as it mops. I was under the impression I would have to sweep or vacuum before I used the mop feature. It shocked me to find out the Yeedi can sweep and mop at the same time. No need to vacuum first! This feature made me a full convert from Roomba to Yeedi.

As for functionality, it’s straightforward. Plug in the charger, let the Yeedi charge, and away it goes. The Yeedi will return to the charger when the battery runs low and I found that even in a large room the Yeedi was able to find its way home without getting lost or running out of battery. To set up the mop function, I filled the specified reservoir with water, took out the vacuum container, inserted the mop reservoir, attached the mop pad, and turned it on. Easy Peasy.

The Yeedi K700 is a bit more low tech. Some may find this a welcome relief. It does not come with an app or voice control (it does come with a remote), but if you are a busy parent, and find yourself knee-deep in cracker crumbs by the end of the day, or if you simply cannot stand to step on yucky floors, the $200 price tag of the Yeedi is money well spent. Personally, I would be HAPPY about shelling out a mere $200 for this thing because it saves me time, preserves my sanity, and cleans our floors. Win. Win. Win.