Theragun transitions into Therabody with new product lines

Credit: Therabody

In a time where everyone around the world is embracing change, Therabody has decided to do the same. On May 4th, Theragun officially became Therabody, per an official statement on their new website

The name change wasn’t all Therabody unveiled today; they released information on the fourth generation of their Theragun products. Fashionista said that “one tech-enabled tool that’s become ubiquitous on social media is the Theragun” after a flourish of celebrities and athletes loved to show off their own Theragun routines in the past few months. 

Therabody stated that “Theragun, the pioneer in percussive massage therapy, announced today it’s rebranding to Therabody. Therabody will continue to embody Theragun’s original mission and commitment of leading the tech wellness space by creating cutting-edge products using proprietary technology to provide natural wellness solutions for everyone.” 

Used by a wide variety of athletes and celebrities from Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving to DJ Khaled, the Theragun has become a household name, ready to expand even further under their new name, Therabody. 

Dr. Jason Wersland invented the Theragun after a nasty biking accident. The chiropractor was in so much agony, he sought out a way to be able to manage his pain through progressive massage. described his journey: “Wersland decided to try percussive massage therapy, which he defines for SELF as a ‘form of deep soft tissue manipulation.’ Think of the percussive motion as a beating or hammering movement, versus just vibration. He created the TheraGun to bring this therapy to athletes looking for ways to improve muscle recovery.” 

The name Theragun will remain a key aspect of Therabody’s branding, with the line of hand-held massagers still using the name. 

The fourth generation of the product will include five new additions: the Wave Roller, Theragun Mini, Elite, Prime, and Pro. The product line will range from $149-$599. The ‘powerfully quiet’ Theragun Pro will spearhead the new line, aiming for the Pro to be ‘felt not heard’. 

TheraOne was also unveiled under the new Therabody umbrella. The company claims the line was the product of years of research, their “newest whole-body wellness solutions.” 

TheraOne has released six products on its launch day, spanning from Recovery and active lotions, to soothe and sleep massage oils. 

The Therabody experience doesn’t end there. With the release of their new Therabody app, you have your own massage therapist expert in your pocket. Compatible with AppleGoogle, and Samsung health services, this clever app will personalize your wellness routine depending on the needs of your body and activities completed each day. 

Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody, said: “With the launch of TheraOne and our fourth generation of percussive massage therapy devices, it was a natural progression for us to evolve into this next chapter of becoming Therabody.” 

When you’re leading a new category of product, the old business saying is evolve or die. Therabody has decided to evolve and become a real force in every area of body wellness. Therabody continues to transition into this new space and with it will be an array of new and unique body-wellness products and services.