These 12.6-inch rear screens on the 2021 GMC Yukon Denali are incredible

What can’t the rear screens in the 2021 GMC Yukon Denali do?

That’s a question I asked a few times driving around in this full-size SUV on a hot summer day. My kids are adults and we drove around a few times just so they could try them out.

For starters, the 12.6-inch screens are massive. For movies and shows you play from a portable device connected to one of the HDMI ports, you can expect clear and colorful video. Passengers can even connect Bluetooth headphones to the display and have their own private audio stream. For my kids, being able to connect an Xbox for a long drive would be ideal.

The vehicle itself includes two full headphones that connect over IR (which is nice because it won’t interfere with someone listening to their phone using Bluetooth earbuds). 

Including headphones is something I’ve seen in quite a few vehicles over the years, but the spacious interior, larger than normal screens, and private audio stream make Yukon unusual. 

I’ve seen screens that were more like 8-inches and rarely noticed an option to connect Bluetooth headphones. If someone has a long drive ahead, it means the two passengers in the rear seats immediately behind the driver will be comfortable and entertained.

I like how GMC also provides some helpful videos about how to use all of the rear-seat entertainment features. (Scroll to the bottom to see the available videos.)

We didn’t get a chance to test this feature on the road, but there’s even a way for a rear passenger to suggest a navigation point from the rear display. My sense is that you can find a location on the map and press an option to make a suggestion to the driver. 

The driver likely sees a pop-up that asks whether he or she wants to go to that destination. I wonder what’s next after that, suggesting the passenger take over the driving?

We went on a few drives where the video screens made a big difference in making the trip more comfortable, and I can see how this feature would be ideal for families.

I doubt this will happen soon, but I pictured having an Xbox that was built-in to the vehicle itself and a tethered controller as well. Call it the Yukon Xbox edition.