These brands are essential for when you return to the fairways

Credit: Callaway

If you live in a colder area like I do, you long for the day when you can finally get out onto the golf course for the first time each spring. Here in Minnesota our winters are long, and the only thing getting me through them is the thought of hitting a golf ball and enjoying a nice, sunny day with family or friends. 

This year, most of us had to wait even longer to get our golfing fix due to COVID-19. However, now that we are able to step out onto the fairway, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe. As football legend Deion Sanders once said: “look good, play good.” I need all the help I can get. I’ve compiled some apparel and gear essentials to rock the fairways when the clubs open. With these items, you’ll feel comfortable and impress your boss by looking like a professional before he sees your ‘broke’ swing.


Lululemon Evolution Polo

Lululemon combines style and comfort with the Evolution Polo. A sleek and classic design is partnered with lightweight, ultra-stretchy Lycra to give you no excuses when you shank the ball into the woods. The athletic feel to the polo stops any unwanted resistance during your shot, while the classic look is great for the fairways and the clubhouse after. 

Callaway Golf Allover Novelty Print Polo

The Allover Novelty print polo by Callaway might be the best looking golf polo I’ve seen in years. A fashionable alternative to the classic one color polo, the sleeves are designed for ease of motion during your swing. Callaway’s ‘opti-dri’ formula helps you stay drier for longer during those warm summer afternoons. The fashionable print all over the polo will complete any ‘look’ this spring. 

Bonobos Playthrough Performance Golf Half Zip

Bonobos is quickly becoming a household name in the golf world, thanks in part to some great apparel like the Performance Half Zip. This lightweight pullover is perfect for those morning rounds that are a little windier by providing some warmth without restricting movement as you swing. The half zip is designed to fit over polos and can easily be taken off once the afternoon sun peeks out. 


Lululemon Commission Short 9″ Mesh

Lululemon has concentrated on increasing their footprint in the golf market lately, and it shows. The comfort packed into the Commission Short is unlike any other. The product is breathable, stretchy, and provides all-around comfort while maintaining a professional design. These may look like chino shorts, but they are as comfy as athletic shorts. 

Peter Millar Shackleford Camo Performance Short

One of this season’s must-have shorts. The Camo Performance Short by Peter Miller can double as golf apparel in the morning and afternoon beach walk apparel in the afternoon. The fashionable design and camo element adds a little something extra to this sport short. Peter Miller provides a four-way stretch and waterproof fabric blend to create the ultimate golf short for the front and back nine. 

Adidas Ultimate 365 3 Stripes Pants

For the colder days, Adidas’ Ultimate 365 pant provides a stylish and practical option. The new tapered-leg cut provides a fashionable, modern edge to the pant without compromising the breathable feeling we’ve known to associate Adidas apparel with. The stretchy fabric allows for full range of motion, since, as Chubbs said, “It’s all in the hips.”


Under Armour Spieth 4

One of the top names in golf teamed up with Under Armour to create the Spieth 4. Jordan Spieth’s 4th signature shoe is an item of beauty. They are a great addition to any outfit and work with a multitude of colors and styles. The integral part of this shoe is the science behind it. Under Armour’s traction technology improves power and accuracy each shot — try them out and see the results for yourself.

Nike Air Max 1 G

The beautiful silhouette of the Nike Air Max 1 has been around since the late ’80s, but that hasn’t stopped them from still being one of the most popular styles around. Nike decided to incorporate the product into their golf line, adding details made for the course. What are those details you might ask? The traction pattern on the sole of the shoe was designed specifically to sustain grip while the upper part of the shoe provides lightweight, breathable comfort. 

North Face Ultra Swift 

Looking for a versatile shoe that can be worn on and off the course? The North Face Ultra Swift is ready for the task at hand. Made of North Face’s most lightweight material, the ‘mono-mesh’ fabric is extremely breathable. Not only is the traction great for the course, they also provide a level of comfort for a morning walk or an afternoon jog. North Face isn’t exactly known for their involvement in the golf space, but the Ultra Swift can be a great companion on the fairways and in life.