These Glerups shoes make me want to chill in the yard even more

If only we could wear shoes that were just as comfortable around the house as they are out in the yard. And, while we’re at it, what a wonderful world it would be if those shoes were durable and comfortable enough for hiking around in the grass and dirt, yet comfy and versatile for kicking it around the living room on a Sunday, watching the game with friends.

In case it’s not obvious since I’m doing a footwear review, the indoor-outdoor shoes I’m hoping for actually do exist in the real world. The Glerups are wool slip-ons — they also come in a full shoe and a boot version — that fit perfectly whether you are inside or out.

Now, let me back up a bit here because there’s some backstory. I have family that lives in Europe, and they live and breathe according to their indoor shoes. When you walk into a house in a place like Vienna, you will likely be handed a pair of shoes or slippers. The floors are often made of concrete and don’t use forced air heating as they do stateside, so if you have shoes or slippers that can keep your feet toasty even in summer, you’re doing good.

We don’t quite have that aesthetic in the United States, but maybe we should. I’m a slipper person, and I like sitting on a sectional, watching television with warm slippers, even in summer. What I liked about the Glerups and what even surprised me is that they are great slippers that also happen to be shoes. The soles are made of leather (for the version I tested — there’s also a natural rubber version), and I used them around the yard and on walks quite often. 

This is where the versatility comes in. When you get into the house, because the Glerups are slip-ons, you can easily kick them off or keep wearing them. I would imagine someone in Europe loving that, but even in my house, where carpet is everywhere, I liked having warm feet since we tend to keep the temperature pretty mild throughout the year.

I kind of feel like the guy in the photo above, actually. Drinking coffee, pretending I am visiting family in Europe, and sitting on a decidedly Scandinavian bed. The reality is that I was sitting on a sectional, and my wife doesn’t let me have coffee in that room.

And, about the wool material. Wool has a unique ability to breathe when it is important to breathe and to seal in the heat when things get cold. I noticed the Glerups worked well on a walk to keep my feet warm on a late evening hike. On warmer days, I could easily kick them off if needed. What can I say? I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my shoes.

I tested the black version of the shoe, but I noticed they have some eclectic and fun colors, including cranberry and a medium red. Nothing that will make you look weird at Target, but also not just boring black and brown colors. Regarding grip and sure-footedness, I liked how secure the shoes felt on my driveway and hikes, but not so rugged that they didn’t feel great on the carpet. I usually gripe about the price a little in my reviews, but at $100, I am okay with the cost, especially since you can use these as slippers or outdoor shoes.

I will say I’m not sure how the slip-ons will perform in winter. I imagine the snow will make me rethink wearing them on ice and snow. That’s okay. I like the indoor versatility in winter, being able to slip them on quickly and jettison them under the ottoman as well.

I may not be in Europe with my family, but I can pretend like I am.