This made me love my Apple Watch even more

Since the first Apple Watch was released, I have been all in with the Apple Watch. While the design of the Apple Watch itself has changed slightly from model to model, something that has changed drastically is the accessories that companies have made to go along with it.

Watch bands have always been something that I have had several of. I’ll match my leather bands to my outfit for the day. I’ve had silicone, leather, metal, and more. I’ve experienced the joy of finding a cool cheap band on a particular online retailer, only to have it break a week later.

Over the years of testing tech individually, and for Gearadical, I have found that it’s better to buy a slightly better quality or higher quality product than it is to buy lower quality over and over.

Then I started seeing more and more about Nomad. Nomad is a company I have reviewed a fair share of, because they continue to release leading and quality products. Recently, they have been thriving in the world of Apple Watch accessories.

I’ve tried a few of their leather bands and loved them. Then, I saw that they released their Titanium Band. I was immediately hooked and knew I wanted to try it.

Nomad is kind enough to include a tool to make removing links easier, and even a few extra links for those with bigger wrists.

One thing that was slightly difficult was figuring out how to utilize the tool. At first I was incredibly frustrated and thought it didn’t work. Then I realized the watch band had to be the right orientation on the tool, after that it was easy.

The clasp is strong enough and secure enough that I don’t have to worry about it coming undone while going about my day.

I love knowing this can be my general go-to watch band regardless of what I am wearing or what I am doing that day.

Apple has their own band that is a similar design for significantly more. And while I have not tried Apple’s version, I can say that this Titanium Band by Nomad is one one of the higher quality bands I have ever tried. It feels twice the price that Nomad charges, and feels like it will stand the test of time.

Maybe it’s general maturity, maybe it’s because I’ve found quality products. One way or another, I have gotten to the point where after adding this Titanium Band, I no longer go out searching for new watch bands.