This portable wireless charger just replaced the power bank you have

A Smartphone and Smart watch charging on the Satechi Quatro wireless portable charger.
Credit: Satechi

I’ve gone through a lot of portable chargers. I’ve tried my fair share and then some. And while some have perks that make them perfect for specific scenarios, none beat the Satechi Quatro in all around greatness.

I own a cable pouch that I carry in my backpack at all times. It holds USB-C cables, USB-C to Lightning, USB-A to USB-C, USB-A to Lightning and USB-A to Micro-USB. It also holds several charging bricks, an Apple Watch Charger, and a USB-C hub or two (okay three).

While I have a serious addiction to gadgets, I quickly rationalize it because of my role here at Gearadical.

Regardless, from the first time I tried out my Satechi Quatro, I began to pair down my cable pouch. Now, instead of needing a different cable — or two — for each device I may need to charge, I can keep everything simple. 

My Satechi Quatro has USB-C charging. First, of all let’s all appreciate how wonderful that is — no more Micro-USB charging. Which allows for cutting back on cables. Additionally, it has an integrated Apple Watch charger, Qi wireless charging pad, and also a USB-A port. The USB-C is an output as well — because USB-C is amazingly versatile.

So, theoretically (and also in practice) I can work out of a coffee shop, stay at a hotel, take a journey to the other side of my house, or trek all the way to that place we used to call the “office” and charge everything off of this one device. I could even plug in and charge my Quatro while charging all my other devices if I wanted to.

To make the functionality even greater, this portable powerhouse is home to a 10,000 mAh battery. For those who might not know what this means in terms of charging abilities, my beloved iPad Pro (11” 2018) has a 7812 mAh battery. This means that my little (6.4 x 2.9 x 0.7”) Satechi Quatro could fully charge my iPad Pro, from 0%, and still have juice left. That’s insane. And, weighing in at 0.58 lbs, it’s hands down the best in its weight class.

Even today, as I worked half a day out of a coffee shop and the rest out of my car, I was confident I would have enough power for an entire day of work.

The Satechi Quatro has allowed me to simplify my everyday carry. And isn’t that what gadgets should do? Simplify our life, and solve problems?

If you are looking for a portable charger that will solve more problems than it creates, look no further than the Quatro Wireless Power Bank from Satechi. You can thank me later.