Travel just got more comfortable with the Scrumptious pillow

As I look forward to traveling for the holidays, the idea of being in a cramped car with the very tall men in my family sounds both fun and exhausting.  I know that I will find myself nodding off at some point in our travels, and I do not want to lug my king-size pillow with me. I also am not a lover of those travel pillows that wrap around your neck, strangling you (ok, you may love those as they stay put, but they are not my favorite and don’t seem to work well for me). Enter the Scrumptious Travel Pillow from Honeydew. I can’t say enough about this pillow. Seriously. 

I like the design of this pillow because it has a hidden zipper that allows you to add or remove fill to fit your desired height and firmness. Plus, there are no flat parts of the pillow. I’m not sure how they do this, but they claim it is due to the ribbon that encircles the pillow. Whatever it is, I appreciate not rolling over to a flat part and having to fluff and turn and wrestle with my pillow. I mean, it’s difficult enough to rest comfortably when traveling in a car or plane, right? 

The other thing I like about this pillow (as I tested it at different times of day and even in bed at night) was that I didn’t get hot during the night. Of course, I wondered why the pillow felt different and kept me cooler. I found that Honeydew uses foam that is 100% CertiPUR-US-certified and is copper-infused. The copper has natural antibacterial properties that help keep the pillow fresh and more effective at cooling than the gel-based memory foam (ahhhhh, this is why it’s cooler than my pillow!). They went a step further, though, and combined this foam with a thinner and stronger fiber than silk. The combination of foam and fiber helps keep the pillow cool, fresher and also provides excellent support. 

At 21” x 12”, the pillow is a little larger than you’d expect for a travel pillow. However, it comes with a carrying bag that has a handle to double as a suitcase strap so you can bring it with you and still be hands-free. Additionally, it comes with its own custom-sized, wonderfully-soft pillowcase. 

I do have to point out that the travel pillow is a bit more pricey than many on the market.  The price point is a bit high at $100 on sale from Honeydew (or save $20 and get two for $180) or get it through Amazon. However, if you’re looking for a comfortable, long-lasting travel pillow that you could also use on your bed, snap this pillow up!