Try these casual pants at work or for a serious hike

The pants you wear either provide flexibility for how you spend your day, or lock you into a certain frame of mind. I prefer flexibility, in more ways than one. I hate “dress pants” for work because sometimes work means testing a bike or some new hiking boots.

1. Columbia Sportswear Deschutes Valley Pants

So comfortable they feel like you are wearing pajamas (and I mean that in a good way, the Columbia Sportswear Deschutes Valley Pants are ideal for mornings at the campsite or meetings at the worksite. They even use UPF-50 sun protection.

2. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Transit Pants

Outdoor research uses the phrase “movement mirroring” to describe these pants, and they are spot-on. For summer adventures, the pants have UPF-50 protection amd are made of a recycled nylon material. My favorite feature? The stretchy elastic band means no belt required.

3. Arcteryx Beta Pants

Never let the rain catch you unprepared. These protective pants zip all the way down the side for easy removal in warmer weather when the thunderclouds depart. I loved wearing them on a hiking trail even in hard rain with no worries — and no coldness seeping in.

4. Born Primitive Frontier Pant Light

These durable hiking pants offer a feature that is pure gold when the weather comes in: they are quick drying after the rain comes. I love how flexible they felt and the front pocket is a great place to stash your gear or a phone for a long hike.