Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Headset

The gaming world is rapidly growing and with that so is its technology. People game for the challenge, the fun and the community that it brings every time they turn on their systems. I love to game for all of those reasons but since having kids and life getting busier, gaming has become a lot different than what it used to be in my life. I love the community and competitive nature of any game especially when I can feel like I am in the game. While my wife rolls her eyes and get frustrated on how loud I want to listen to the games and the chat that I have with friends especially how loud I like it. After I received the turtle headset I was stoked because of how much it exceeded my expectations of what gaming headphones can be.

The sound is impeccable and I feel submerged in my game while wearing Turtle Beach Stealth™ 600 Gen 2 . This headset can be used for Xbox or pc gaming and you won’t be disappointed with either system you have to use them on because set up is a breeze literally plug in connect and your off. The style of the headset is clean and so easy to maneuver the microphone hides perfectly into the design of the head phone and isn’t bulky or irritating around my ears as some mics I have used in the past. The sound quality is the best I have heard using a headset. My wife now will also take them to watch an episode of her favorite tv show. She turned to me the first time using them and said, ‘I hear sound effects and background noises so clear it changes my experience of watching this show’.

The charging port is easy to plug into and the headset battery life lasts so long I barely have to charge it, wireless is a game changer! Wearing glasses and having a comfortable headset can be hard to find but the design is glasses friendly and you can enjoy the gaming experience comfortably if you wear glasses. The padding also makes the surrounding of the headset comfortable to wear for long periods of time, it feels like pillows on my ears. The part I have found to be difficult about them is the controls, although easy to maneuver, they are very touchy. I have put on the headset multiple times and have had to adjust volume or microphone volume multiple times and can become frustrating if you aren’t aware because I thought it broke when all I did was turn off the volume. Besides that, my favorite feature I will say is how clear the microphone is whether you stream or just want to talk clearly to friends in the chat. The microphone is high quality and picks up your voice perfectly while helping drain the background noise of the room.

Whether you are an occasional gamer or a professional this headset is phenomenal and a must have plus it’s well worth the buy for the price they are at $129.99. All in all, Turtle Beach knocked it out of the park again.