UA Storm Coldgear Infrared Down Jacket review: Lightweight winter warmth

The bigger, heavier, and thicker the jacket the warmer you’ll be right? From my experience, yes!

However, Under Armour challenges that idea for those looking to stay warm with their brand new Storm Coldgear Infrared Down Jacket.


I live in Minnesota where we experienced some serious cold a few weeks ago. So naturally, I saw it as an opportunity to put this jacket to the test. No seriously, I put this to a true Minnesotan’s winter test, shoveling my driveway in sub-zero temps. 

Complimented with a sturdy pair of gloves and a reliable winter hat, I put the jacket on. With my shovel in hand, I was ready to conquer the challenge before me. I shoveled and shoveled until I got the job done. It was only after I finished when I realized I had been out there for over an hour! However, I never once felt unprotected or exposed to the delightful ‘feels like’ temperatures of -37 degrees Fahrenheit. This jacket features a 700 duck down fill, rated to keep you comfortable in the cold winter (here’s more products that will keep you comfortable in the winter). While I love a jacket that looks great (and this one does), it has to get the job done and this one does.

Style and Fit

When you have a coat that gets the cold weather job done, style is a luxury. However, with this coat Under Armour makes a quiet, yet premium statement with the style. The coat comes in three different colors: White, Pewter, and Tempered Steel (navy blue). This jacket offers a middle-zip and 5 zippered pockets: two on the chest, two on the hand pockets and one hidden on the inside chest. If you’re like me, as minor as it may sound, high quality zippers are very important and these felt more than adequate. To ensure a seal, this down is lined with snap-buttons covering the middle zip that felt premium and high grade. Lastly, this 100% nylon lightweight coat runs fairly true to size.


Overall, Under Armour packs the heat with this down jacket (literally). While I do not love the product’s original $250.00 price point, this jacket is marked down to $124.97 currently on UA’s website. Given the product’s 700 down fill and seals for warmth, this jacket is is ready to perform in low-temps. For $125, this down jacket offers exceptional value for those looking for cold-weather protection.