Unbound Merino Long Sleeve Crew review: Clothing that regulates your body temperature so you don’t have to

I put the Unbound Merino Long Sleeve Crew through the ultimate test: I wore it both to work (in a freezing office) and on a date (not so freezing). After wearing it many times since, I’m convinced that the sustainably sourced, mulesing-free wool actually does what the company claims – regulates your temperature to keep you comfortable no matter if it’s hot or cold outside.

It’s almost strange trying to describe how it feels in an article, but maybe an anecdote helps. You’re sitting in a restaurant, and magically there’s a cool breeze coming from nowhere, even though every window is closed and you’re a mile away from the door. That’s me all the time. I noticed that with the Merino Long Sleeve Crew, I was warm in the restaurant with just one layer. That never happens. 

Because of the moisture-wick technology, the long-sleeve also dries really fast too. It’s made from woolmark certified Australian Merino, which is 100% natural and fully biodegradable. Because of the material, I can say it’s the softest shirt in my closet. If you’re going to spend the money on a high quality black T that goes with anything, then the material really matters. 

I ran the Long Sleeve Crew through the wash, putting it through another important test. It came out clean. Surprisingly, the shirt didn’t shrink even when it went through the dryer (why I risked it looking back, I have no idea). Even though it held up great, you should air-dry your Merino simply because the material does pick up those “fuzzies” when it’s in the dryer with other clothing. I used a lint roller on mine and it was back to normal. 

While everything about this shirt ties back to the material, the packaging from Unbound Merino impressed me so much it’s worth sharing. I opened the box to find what looked like a hand-written note with my name on it, cool personal touch. It also came with instructions for how to wash (and air dry, which I obviously needed to pay more attention to). 

Unbound Merino suggests that you don’t wear any deodorant that contains aluminum or alcohol, since it can cause staining over time. Since the shirt is designed to regulate your temperature so well and is designed to never smell, you’ll be surprised by how fresh it stays. Part of what makes Unbound Merino’s clothing sustainable is you don’t have to wash it as often, the wool is antibacterial and helps itself stay clean (just like it does on a sheep). I love a scientific excuse to do less laundry. 

Now that it’s almost Christmas season, I’m browsing the Unbound Merino website for holiday gifts. Since this material is such high quality, I bet the beanies are also five out of five stars. Whether it’s going to work, a fun date, or out with friends, the Long Sleeve Crew is a classic addition that will probably win-out over the other black shirts in your closet.