Vitamix brings gourmet into immersion blending

Grilled cheese with tomato soup. There simply is no better comfort food, and grilled cheese with tomato soup was exactly what I was craving. However, I had no desire to pair my grilled cheese made with Havarti and avocado with the tomato soup that comes in a can and retains its shape, complete with tin can indentions, when I dump it into a pan. No. When I want this delectable combination, I want tomato soup goodness made with real tomatoes, hints of basil, and a few splashes of cream. I sought the perfect recipe, found it, and was ready to go to work. However, in order to make this homemade recipe meal perfect, an immersion blender is recommended.

My hopes and dreams for perfect tomato soup weren’t canceled, but they were put on hold as I waited for my Vitamix Immersion Blender to come in the mail. As soon as I read the recipe and discovered the opportunity – perhaps need – for an immersion blender, I contacted Vitamix for the opportunity to try one out. After all, when I think of a company that does blending right, few come to mind, and at the top of the list for most sits Vitamix. Could I have scoured for one on Amazon at a fractional cost? Yes. Does Vitamix carry a trusted name in blenders that are sure to not disappoint? Yes. Thus, I wasn’t willing to compromise. In the year of the pandemic, cooking yummy food in the kitchen has become a highlight, and I wanted to try out the best.

I already had my ingredients purchased, so when my blender arrived, I went to work. I sautéed onions and garlic, added carrots (yes, carrots), a handful of fresh basil, and the best canned tomatoes I could find. Once the flavors married together, I took the immersion blender from the box, attached the wand to the handle with an easy click, and placed the wand right inside my pot. I turned the blender on, heard the gentle whir, and watched my ingredients turn into soup. The process was effortless. 

The Vitamix Immersion Blender on its side so that the blade is displayed.
Credit: Vitamix

The blender has 5 speeds to choose from depending on your need and 625 watts of power (Cheaper immersion blenders typically only offer 500 watts).  What’s amazing about this blender is that you can blend in any container. Oh, and the five-foot cord certainly doesn’t hurt either. I made soup and blended it right in my soup pot. I made blender muffins and gave the ingredients a whirl right in my mixing bowl. We wanted Oreo Cookie Shakes and we just scooped our ice cream into a cup, added some milk and heavy cream (who counts calories these days), and used the blender right inside our individual cups. The worst part about using a blender – the cleanup – is also a breeze. Fill up a cup, add a bit of soap, turn the blender on, and voila, it is clean. There is no washing of a separate blender jar. Welcome to the 21st century.

Here’s the thing that surprised me – it doesn’t splatter. Am I the only one who triple checks to make sure the lid is tightly on when using a regular stand up blender? I don’t need a mess to clean up. The engineers at Vitamix made a jewel when they created this handheld blender that doesn’t splatter when you use it despite the fact that no specific blender jar or lid is needed. My boys wanted smoothies for breakfast and the answer was, “Yes.” Of course, I can make smoothies – because all I need to do is throw the ingredients in a cup and give it a mix with this handheld blender that is lightweight and makes no mess. Don’t be worried about the blender leaving chunks in your smoothies, because it blends everything, and I only needed one hand to do it. 

Yes, a Vitamix Immersion blender is a bit of a kitchen luxury, but, it is so worth it. Vitamix also offers a three-year warranty on this blender. So, now that your mouth is watering, buy one for yourself, make that Oreo shake, and relax knowing you can make it easily without leaving home.