What parents may have to do to watch their kids play sports this year

A child playing baseball.
Credit: Unsplash

These are unprecedented times. 

For many, learning to navigate life during the pandemic isn’t easy. Thankfully, technology is making things a little easier. While some schools have decided to cancel fall sports all together, others are looking for new alternatives. 

For kids playing indoor sports this year, many parents will livestream recitals and games to practice social distancing. Virtual attendance at sporting events allows parents and relatives to still cheer on their children and grandchildren even in the middle of the pandemic. 

A bunch of teens out playing lacrosse in the field.
Credit: Unsplash

Many schools have made different decisions about whether or not it’s safe play, usually depending on the state. States are also issuing guidelines for which sports can perform and how to safely allow for social distancing. 

According to the CDC, children experiencing any flu-like symptoms should stay home from school altogether. Children playing team sports will need to take extra precautions. In some cases, this means wearing gloves and regularly washing their hands. In addition, schools are working hard to keep equipment sanitized. 

If anything, it’s important to show kids a little extra support this season. Video Streaming their games may be one way to do that and help parents stay involved. While your kids might not hear you cheering them on in the background, there will be plenty to talk about at the dinner table. 

YouTube and Facebook are just a couple ways you can livestream. You can always check with your child’s school to find out which platform you should use. It might seem strange at first watching your kids play hockey on your TV, but in the old days you probably dreamt they would be.