Lockly Flex Touch review: Who needs a key when you have a thumb

Looking for a new lock for your front door?

I am always in search of the next latest and greatest tech to bring convenience and design to my property. Let’s talk a bit about Lockly Flex Touch.


If you are hoping to make your smart home smarter, one of the best places to start is with a replacement for your deadbolt. As a kid I remember walking home from school with a key around my neck. If I forgot it, I would be sitting outside for awhile with no other options.

That day has come and gone with the introduction of smart locks. Lockly Flex Touchgoes above and with the clean design they have incorporated into this unit. It has the standard back you expect with all smart locks plus a large indoor facing plate that houses the technology and the batteries to make your lock work.

However, on the exterior facing side, Lockly has created a minimalist look that had me cheering! It is small, clean and simple to use. The diameter of the main lock is 2.6 inches, which is within the standard size range. The total height, including the thumbprint reader, is 3.63 inches. There’s a place for the lock that matches most existing front doors, and the thumb-pad slides right out of the bottom to give you access to a touch experience that is appealing to the eyes. You can store 99 fingerprints, and with the Wi-Fi connection you get access to a bunch of other smart features.


It took me about 10 minutes to install the lock. Depending on your door, it could take longer. For my installation it worked right out of the box which is always a plus for someone who hates long install times or when I just want to start using the product right away. It’s compatible with doors from 1.38-inches to 2-inches thick, which is any modern door.

Does it work?

Not only does it look good but it locks good. I decided I wanted to test this a bit with more than just myself, so I made my family of five all register their fingers which was super simple through the app.

My six year old now runs around the house unlocking the door which creates its own problem, but the point is everyone can use it. You simply place your finger of choice on the pad and it just works. We now will go out the front door, and tap it with our finger to re-lock the house.

I also love the fact that I can run this from anywhere if someone is dropping off a package or needs access to my house without having to give them a key. It is simple and looks great. I couldn’t ask for more! All in all I would highly recommend this lock!