With PeachSkinSheets, I can now sleep at night

Credit: PeachSkin

I’m very particular about how I make the bed. My husband knows he can strip the bed and wash the sheets, but that he isn’t allowed to do anything related to actually making the bed. Picture a bed with the blankets perfectly tucked, top sheet folded over evenly, no wrinkles underneath, pillowcases on straight, etc. As a result, I’m always a bit skeptical whenever we buy new sheets, comforters, or pillows. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I kept my expectations in check when we switched to using PeachSkin sheets on our bed. 

I give major props to PeachSkin for their packaging — I’ve never been more excited to unbox sheets before. The box they arrived in has a cute peach design printed on the inside and the contents were wrapped up in delicate orange tissue paper with a sticker seal. 

The sheets themselves came tucked inside a zippered plastic case from which a darling little peach charm hung on the zipper. You can’t get much cuter packaging than that for bed sheets — I’m thoroughly impressed. PeachSkin also sent me a handwritten thank you letter, as well as care instructions for washing and drying my new sheets. 

PeachSkin sheets have two different lines — their Classic Collection and their Vintage Collection. Their 1500 threads per square inch sheets are made with smart fabric (an athletic grade poly fiber blend) which helps with breathability, temperature control, and moisture-wicking. 

The main difference between the two collections is the stylized wrinkles in the vintage sheets. I chose the vintage soft white sheet set from their vintage line. This line includes several other colors: frost, blush, plum, powder blue, seafoam, and navy. Our master bedroom colors are white, grey, and shades of pink, so the color white fits in perfectly. 

I washed them according to the specific instructions they sent: wash separately with either warm or cold water with laundry detergent (not detergent pods) and use wool dryer balls or dryer sheets. I dried them on medium heat to activate the wrinkle-release quality. When they were dry, I put them in the laundry basket and took them upstairs to our bedroom. 

I made the mistake of setting the basket down for a second, because my cat discovered them. He probably thought, “Oh, look at what my human brought me — warm, fluffy sheets — a wonderful new place to sleep.” So, being a true cat lover, I left my cat with dark grey hair to sleep on the brand new white sheets. I guess they’re cat-approved now. 

After most of the afternoon had passed, I was finally able to make the bed. Thankfully, since the sheets were part of PeachSkin’s vintage style collection, the wrinkles still looked great — which is great for those who forget about their laundry in the dryer or leave them in baskets for cats to sleep on. I liked how the sheets looked on the bed — they had that certain “je ne se quoi” meaning a comfortable tousled look. 

My husband would rather sleep with one quilt on the bed, while on the other hand, I can sleep with multiple blankets and maybe a comforter too. This leads to me having a separate blanket just for myself and him usually kicking his side of the sheets off. 

As a result, I was very interested to see if PeachSkin sheets would regulate our sleep temperatures. We’ve had these sheets on our bed for a few weeks now and so far so good. My husband stays cool enough and I stay warm enough, while our cat has henceforth claimed my pillow every night since putting them on the bed. 

In addition to temperature regulation, the sheets are super soft. Who wouldn’t want to be hugged by luxuriously soft fabric every night? I think the answer to this question is no one. 

After having them on our bed for a while and washing/drying them again, I am still very impressed with the quality of PeachSkin sheets. All I can say is that I will definitely be buying another set for our guest room. Hmm, now which color should I choose?