Work the best angle with the ParcSlope stand

Someone using their ParcSlope as they write on their iPad.
Credit: Twelve South

My MacBook Air and iPad Pro play a huge role in completing tasks in my everyday life. When I came across the ParcSlope Macbook and iPad stand by Twelve South, I wanted to see how it could help improve my device usage. 

Like many people this year, my workspace has transitioned to an at-home desk. Because my desk is the main surface I use, I’m always searching for new ways to organize and increase my productivity. 

The Twelve South website advertises ParcSlope as a low-profile, lightweight aluminum stand that allows the user to raise the viewing height of a laptop. This product retails for $59.99 and is available in a dark charcoal color. 

Alongside creating airflow under the computer, this stand also creates a space to access charging cables and flash drives easier. Right as I opened the box, the ParcSlope amazed me by its sleek design. The stand itself is very versatile, and it blends with both minimalist settings and crowded spaces. 

After I opened the box, I sat down at my desk and put ParcSlope to the test. As I typed on my computer, the rubber grips on the topside kept my laptop from sliding downward, and the rubber grips on the bottom kept the stand in place. Even though typing at an upward angle was a new experience for me, it was still comfortable. 

Before ParcSlope, I used to stack books on my desk to elevate my computer while I was Zooming to keep the camera level with my head (and to keep air flowing under the laptop). Between how short I am and how short my desk is, I always end up with a comically bad double chin during most of my Zoom sessions. However, ParcSlope completely solved that issue! Alongside the elevated camera view, my computer also stayed cooler longer while in Zoom meetings. 

I also put ParcSlope to the test for my iPad Pro. When I propped my iPad up on the ParcSlope, I noticed that drawing became easier. Not only did the glare from my overhead dorm light disappear, but the angle that the iPad rested at helped my hand relax. ParcSlope presents artists with a new way to angle their drawing pads without straining themselves by leaning over the screen. 

The only downside to this product I noticed was that fingerprint grease left marks on the aluminum that were difficult to rub off. Other than that, ParcSlope lives up to its brand.   

The minimalistic design of ParcSlope allowed me to transport it in my backpack with ease. I hardly noticed it was there, and at one point I had to dig through all my pockets to find it. This lightweight stand keeps computers running cool while preventing awkward Zoom camera angles. If you are an artist, business person, or an individual who uses a laptop, ParcSlope is for you.

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