Workout enthusiasts – toss your Airpods and get these instead

When I workout, I like to work hard. I like to sweat, and I like to leave feeling like I actually did something. My legs should struggle to hold me up. I need to feel like it’s hard to open doors after working chest and triceps. I also want music – pure, loud, intense, and uninterrupted music. This is optimal at the gym. Without it pumping deep hard rock or punk deep into the very fabric of the motivational parts of my brain, I have to listen to some ridiculous “dance” music that the local gym thinks will get me the best gains. Ridiculous. 

This, in part, is why true wireless earbuds have become so popular. They allow an escape with minimal fuss. That is – if they fit properly. In my most recent earbud reviews, fit is always an issue. I can get them to fit for a time, but given sweat or movement, they inevitably fall out or at least require adjustments. No more. I have finally found a pair of true wireless earbuds that simply will not fall out – in fact – they don’t even come close to moving. 

Dottir solves the fit problem. I can now workout without questioning whether my earbuds will drop out on the treadmill. These buds were designed by two two-time winners of the “World’s Fittest Woman” competition. I’m guessing they workout much harder than I do, and I’m grateful for it. Out of their frustrations with earbud designs, they have now created my favorite design for workouts. 

Fit and Design:

Okay, so obviously I like the fit. There is more to it that you should know. The Dottir wireless earbuds use a different approach to fit than other earbuds I’ve tested (Edifier, Jabra, Cleer Audio, Echo buds). Instead of inserting the bud and rotating it down, Dottir requires a twist up to fit into your ear canal. I’m not sure how or why, but this seems to make a much more secure fit. They also have behind the ear hooks that are not removable (I wouldn’t want to remove them anyways). This bolsters the fit making it near impossible to shift them – and yet, they are still comfortable. 

I can use these just about anywhere – including in the water. They are IPX7 rated (meaning they are protected against 1m of water for up to 30 minutes – Airpods are only IPX4). The designers mention that bluetooth cannot necessarily penetrate water. Therefore, if I choose to swim in them I can expect some random disconnects depending on my depth. These buds are tough and durable. They won’t get damaged with a drop and sweat or rain will never hurt them. 

The round case is a bit larger than normal earbud cases due to the additional size of the earbuds with the hooks. I am grateful it charges via USB-C as this should be standard by now. I don’t feel like the slightly larger case is a burden, and the buds magnetically attach into it for a secure charge. The buds have built in volume controls, a multi-function button (for pairing etc.), and feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). I use this frequently, but I don’t find it very necessary with the sound these put out. 

Sound Quality:
The earbuds stand out with sound because they fit so well. I notice the seal in my ear is superior to other buds. This allows for bass to feel a bit more heavy than what you may be used to. Robust bass and slightly above average midrange make me a happy listener. The vocals come through crisp particularly on male voices and there are no shrill sounds with highs. I did not experience any distortion in my test which can happen with cheaper knock offs. 

These are not meant to be buds for the perfect sound. The purpose Dottir sets out to achieve is done through superior fit and toughness. The fact that I can still get great sound at the same time is icing on the cake. I’m not focused on quality while working out anyways. 

I did have some issues with microphone quality in a slight breeze. The mics don’t perform  well in windy conditions. I’m hard pressed to find a phone or set of earbuds that do perform well in the wind anyways. This does not impact the quality of the sound – just the other of phone calls etc. 

ANC is decent, but I wouldn’t call it top tier. I prefer the ANC on both the Echo and Cleer Audio buds. That being said, the seal is so much better with these buds that most sound is blocked for me anyways. I didn’t need to crank the volume up and risk ear damage to block the sound either. 

The ultimate question – do you want or need these True Wireless Earbuds? If you like working out and prefer minimal distraction – yes. If you are hard on your devices and don’t want to worry if you drop or possibly even step on these – yes. These are meant for harsh conditions and will not fall out of your ears. They offer good sound, battery life, and the best fit. Run, lift, and even swim worry free. The Dottir ANC buds set out to do one job – be the best fitting toughest buds on the market – job well done. 

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