Xbox One S All Digital Edition: Never get off the couch again

Credit: 9to5Toys

Credit: 9to5Toys

I swear I am not a lazy person. Is it wrong I don’t want to move when I choose to spend time gaming? If I must get up, it should be for something productive. When I’m gaming, I am choosing not to be productive. 

This used to pose a problem when I was sick of playing a game. I used to have to get up and switch the disc. Unbelievable right? Enter the Xbox One S All Digital Edition.

The concept is simple. It’s an Xbox One S, without a disc drive. Now, I don’t have to get up because I don’t have the option to. I can only purchase digital games on this console. This is the way gaming was meant to be. Yes, I could do this on any Xbox One, but this console is different.  Why? In one word: cost. The initial price point for the digital edition was $249. Less than a year has passed, and I bought the console for around $175. That’s a steal.

Connecting the console is a breeze. Setup is identical to the other versions of Xbox. I connected the system to my TV, downloaded system updates, and was playing a game within an hour. I love that Microsoft’s cloud portal saves digital purchases. I can download a previously purchased title in a moment’s notice and game without leaving my chair.

Console performance is fantastic. If you don’t buy this system because of the lower price, buy it for the addition of HDR (high dynamic range, which helps with color formatting). The graphics pop compared to my original Xbox One. HDR wins the day here. I also noticed how much faster load times were. They aren’t too fast though, and I was still able to see important information on loading screens.

Not everything is perfect. 4K is only available for streaming content. If you are looking for a true 4K gaming experience, invest in the Xbox One X. I love the One X, but for the price, I believe this “stream only” console is the way to go. There is a noticeable difference in graphics and load times, but I only notice it if both systems are running side by side.

The only downside to the console is really my personal taste. I must confess; I still enjoy the occasional GameStop run. I think I may be alone here (quite literally since it is closed due to the pandemic). I will miss selling my $60 game for $5. Okay, I’m being a bit sarcastic, but those days are gone. I can still peruse the shop (someday), it’s just different. I swear I’m not lazy. I just buy games from my couch now. I think I’ll eventually sneak out once in a while for the sake of nostalgia.

Bottom line: Who exactly is this console for? It is for first-time adopters. It is for those replacing an original Xbox One. It is for those who swear they aren’t lazy but hate the idea of moving when all they want to do is game. It truly is a solid high-performance console, and I am completely thrilled with my purchase. I believe you will be too. Happy gaming!