You’ll never guess how I remember to stay hydrated

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Credit: FluidStance

Roughly two years ago, I went to the hospital with a high fever, chills, and exhaustion. I had no idea what was going on, and I had no energy to find out. 

When the nurse came in and told me the good news, I was shocked. “You aren’t sick,” she told me. “But you do have severe dehydration.” Why was I dehydrated? I simply forgot to drink water. 

Forgetting to stay hydrated is so easy to do. You’re talking with your friends, gardening outside, maybe even working in your office. Hours can easily fly by. That’s why I’m excited about this new product, the Fillup by Fluidstance

The Fillup is your own personal-size water-tower that holds up to 70 ounces (a full day’s supply) of cold water. The unique design is perfect for your work desk or bedside table. The Fillup reminds you to drink water without looking junky or out of place. 

When I first tried the Fillup, I was skeptical. I didn’t know if having a separate water container would be very different from a cup or a water bottle. Here’s the difference: Whenever I use a water bottle or mug, it’s so transportable that I end up losing it somewhere. With the Fillup, it’s portable enough to bring to my office space, but solid enough that it stays in the same room throughout the day — it’s a constant reminder to keep drinking water. 

I tried adding some ice cubes to the Fillup and the water was cold all day long. You can also use the Fillup for iced tea or lemonade or when you have guests and want fresh juice easily accessible. 

The only thing I noticed about the Fillup that I wish was different is the distance from the bottom to the spout. It’s tall enough for most mugs and cups, but not quite high enough for tall glasses. However, it does come with a chic ceramic-stone cup for you to use. Both the ceramic cup and the Fillup are BPA free and made of eco-friendly materials. 

After using the Fillup, I soon realized that having a personal water-tower really does remind me to drink more water. Now, whenever I walk into my bedroom, it doesn’t matter that I forgot to bring a glass of water. I can still hear echoes of my mom’s voice in my head; Don’t forget to drink water! Maybe your mom told you the same thing. After my experience in the hospital, I know she was right. Now that I have the Fillup, I can start reminding her

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  2. I do love the way you have presented this particular situation plus it does indeed supply me personally some fodder for thought. However, from just what I have observed, I simply just trust as the comments pile on that individuals stay on issue and don’t embark upon a tirade regarding some other news of the day. Yet, thank you for this excellent piece and while I can not necessarily agree with this in totality, I value the point of view.

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