Your kid’s next toy isn’t a toy at all

I have two kids now. I am constantly on the lookout for the next cool toy for my kids. Granted, I find myself playing with my son’s Legos more than he does. However, my search continues. I’ve gone through the search for techy toys, for non tech toys, tablets, screen-less toys, and more.

When I came across Coco Village I knew there was something special here. Their products are so simple and elegant, all while still being perfectly conducive for promoting creativity.

The first item I knew I had to try was the Balance Board. It seemed so remarkably simple, yet so limitless. It truly is just one curved board with an optional felt bottom — as to not scratch your hardwood floors. My son’s exact words when we opened the box were “whoaaa oh oh oh”. He was in love from the start and now climbs or plays with this balance board daily.

I’ll admit, I was under the impression that the more complex and flashy the item, the more interesting it will be. This balance board has destroyed that notion by sending me a simple board that holds my son’s attention daily.

I’ve seen him use it as a true balance board, a bridge, a slide, a ramp, a fort, a chair and more. He cannot get enough of this Balance Board and I could not be more thrilled for him. Coco Village has grabbed my attention and blown away my expectations in both quality and how much my son loves this!

If you’re looking for a new product for your kids, make sure to swing by Coco Village and pick out your next item!