2020 is a great year for baby monitors — here’s three you’ll love.

Credit: Eufy

As technology advances, baby monitors adapt. There are so many new models, each one claiming their own unique features. After the birth of my first child, I found myself overwhelmed by the vast array of options. I began questioning which features were most important in a baby monitor. What should I choose? With or without Wi-Fi? Panning or stationary camera? Battery operated or plug-in?

With each question came a pro-con list. I liked the convenience of Wi-Fi-based models, but my wife had her concerns. She had read some reviews of people hacking into Wi-Fi based monitors and talking to children. Battery backup is handy, but more expensive. The Eufy SpaceView, Kodak Cherish C520, and Infant Optics DXR-8 are all incredible products, from reputable companies.

After my long quest to find the best monitor for my family, these are three of my favorites.

Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor ($160)

The HD camera and instant alerts are my favorite features of this baby monitor. The monitor lights up any time my son moves too much or starts crying. It can also be set to alert me with an alarm. The camera’s 330-degree pan and 110-degree tilt allows me to see my son’s entire room. I attached the wide-angle lens for an even better view. The monitor itself has a great battery life, a wonderful layout, and crystal clear color. I also loved the mounting plate that came with this monitor. This allows for wall or corner mounting and offers more viewing angles than other models. 

Kodak Cherish C520 ($150)

This baby monitor shocked me. With its wide array of features, I found myself enjoying it more than I expected. Though it features a stationary camera, the battery backup for both monitor and camera makes up for it. This feature is perfect for traveling, camping, or in the event of a power outage. Additionally, Wi-Fi is built into this monitor. Utilizing the companion app, I am able to view the camera and alerts on my phone. At first, I thought I would use this secondary to the monitor. However, I was hooked after the instant notifications started chiming on my iPhone and Apple Watch.

Infant Optics DXR-8 ($165)

I had to give this highly-rated monitor a try.  Although it doesn’t include Wi-Fi or battery backup, I learned to appreciate this little monitor. According to the website, this monitor is “the perfect balance” of features and price and I second that. This camera gives the right amount of features to calm my worries while checking in on my son. What’s great is its affordable price. I love the movable camera, the lightweight monitor, and the size. Of the monitors we’ve tried, my wife claims this is her favorite. The perfect balance is exactly how she describes it.