Baby, it’s cold outside, but with this North Face jacket you might not notice

A woman wearing her women's Thermoball Eco Hoodie as she hikes up a mountain.
Credit: The North Face

I recently discovered the Thermoball line at North Face and instantly fell in love with the Women’s Thermoball Eco Hoodie. This time I went for the TNF Black in my normal size. However, once I received the jacket that is meant to be a slim fit, I knew I wanted a size up so I could fit sweaters underneath it. 

The customer service at The North Face was very accommodating and speedy in getting the new size out to me. Boy am I thankful to have this jacket with these chilly temps here to stay for the season! 

The fact that this jacket is lightweight, yet warm was a huge draw for me. I appreciate all of the warmth without being weighed down and looking like a marshmallow. It is a very flattering jacket overall and hugs in all the right places. There is a hem cinch-cord on the bottom as well that adds to the flattering fit while keeping you at your warmest. 

After wearing this jacket out in the elements, I soon learned that the Thermoball Eco Insulation provides incredible warmth even if you get wet. I also found that it blocks all of the wind and cold, keeping this fair-weather girl outside playing with my son longer! I did some research on this magical jacket’s warmth and realized the insulation is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester and has a durable water repellent finish, which is super appealing.

I also really like that The North Face Thermoball Eco line gives the option to purchase one with or without a hood. I ultimately went with the hooded option because I frequently wished my previous jacket had one. The hood on the North Face Thermoball Eco Hoodie is fully attached and is pre-tensioned with partial elastic binding. I find this helps it stay on even when it is windy. Above all, the hood is a great size to keep my head warm while keeping my hair looking great and out of the elements. 

If it is true that women love pockets, then The North Face definitely had us in mind when they designed this jacket. There are the traditional side pockets with an additional chest pocket to keep things safe and secure for those more adventurous outings. 

Another very important feature for me when picking a new closet staple is how easy it is to wash and wear. The North Face Thermoball Eco Hoodie is machine washable and also wipes clean for everyday use. Running around outside with a toddler that seems to be a mud magnet makes this washable feature huge for me! 

It’s safe to say I’ve jumped on the Northface Thermoball Eco Hoodie train and I hope to never get off.

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